The Assist raises $500 to help low-income volleyball center

The volleyball community stepped up and now under-privileged children in Honduras will have a better opportunity to learn the sport of volleyball.

Off the Block announced Monday that its philanthropic campaign The Assist successfully reached its goal of raising $500 to provide volleyballs and other volleyball essentials to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt training center in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

theassistThe Assist will continue to accept donations until the end of year to further help this volleyball facility in a low-income area of Honduras.


The Franklin Delano Roosevelt volleyball training center started its program in an effort to teach boys and girls in the impoverished community the sport while keeping the players off the streets and away from negative influences. In addition, the program is run by a non-paid volunteer staff who is committed to using volleyball to reach out to under-privileged youth throughout the area.

The program at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt facility has extremely limited volleyball equipment resources ranging from volleyballs and nets to basic coaching materials and a simple flip scoreboard. In addition, the majority of players have to practice barefoot because they can’t afford quality athletic shoes.

The Assist is the new Off the Block philanthropic initiative that launched in November. The goal of the campaign is to help the volleyball community give back to places around the world by promoting volleyball in low-income areas.

To participate in The Assist, Off the Block is asking individuals to make a $10 donation. Every $10 donation will purchase a volleyball from Molten that will be sent to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt volleyball program in Honduras.

Molten is the official volleyball used during both the men’s and women’s volleyball NCAA Tournaments. In a partnership with Off the Block, it will also provide volleyballs at a discounted rate to help this philanthropic cause.

Along with donating volleyballs, individuals can also make donations of more than $10 to purchase other pieces of equipment. Among the volleyball equipment that donations of more than $10 will go towards purchasing includes kneepads, a flip scoreboard and a new volleyball net.

To make a donation and read more about The Assist, click here.