The Assist Project

Off the Block needs your help growing the game — and the kids we are going to help need the game more than most.

Honduras is one of poorest country in Central America, with many children living below the poverty line, helping provide for their family and being primary caregivers to their siblings. This year we are going to help them.

Off the Block believes sports is more than a game. It is community coming together.

unnamed-1unnamedunnamed-2So this fall we were dreaming about how to grow the game. We were dreaming about how to rally as a community, how volleyball can be more than a game on a court.

That is when we found the Franklin Delano Roosevelt volleyball training center in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

Here boys and girls come from miles to learn volleyball. They come to escape.

It is a place where they can be a kid. Where they don’t have to worry about food on the table, taking care of a sibling or what the future holds. The place is filled with such hope the kids don’t even mind practicing barefoot, which many do, unable to afford athletic shoes.

While kids are learning the game they are kept off the streets, out of trouble and can be a kid a little longer.

The non-paid volunteer staff works tirelessly with these kids teaching them skills for on and off the court. But they need help.

Our goal is to raise $500 by the end of 2014 to purchase 50 volleyballs for this volleyball facility in Honduras.

We are partnering with Molten, the official volleyball of the NCAA for The Assist. With their help, your $10 donation will buy a volleyball that will be shipped to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt volleyball training facility.

Along with volleyballs, the facility is in need of other basic equipment such as knee pads, a flip scoreboard and a new net. If you choose to give more than $10, that will go towards purchasing more of these needed items.

Click here to be part of The Assist.

Just imagine what one volleyball can do for a child in Honduras.