Off the court: The mission journey of BYU All-American Ben Patch

[Editor’s note: BYU All-American opposite Ben Patch after earning the National Newcomer of the Year in May opted to step away from college men’s volleyball to go on a two-year mission trip with the LDS church. Throughout his mission trip, Off the Block will post updates provided by Patch to give volleyball fans an inside look at the All-American’s journey. Patch is currently serving his mission in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, these entries are written by Patch. His views do not necessarily represent those of Off the Block]

This weekend was stake conference and that’s kinda what i want to focus on. It was the most spiritual meeting I have ever been to. The room was on fire — well just the spirit made it super warm in there. But every talk really pertained to me and my situation but also everyone. The main focus was on missionary work. Big surprise, but wow it really stuck this time. The emphasis was on member missionary work. And the phrase that I loved was, “Step it up.” It wasn’t said offensively but it was said sternly. It was piercing.


So [Sunday] we had a dang tornado. It was nuts. Sirens everywhere so dang loud. We were at our investigators house so we couldn’t leave. It was awesome, haha. We looked outside and I swear I couldn’t see across the street because the wind was going like 70 miles per hour. It was nuts. We didn’t get hit thank goodness but it was awesome! We went and hid in the basement. I was kinda hoping to get hit just to see what it felt like to be in a tornado — maybe next time.

We have seen so many miracles this week in our area. At the beginning of the week we had a referral from a less active member. She referred us to her 12-year-old nephew. We went and met him and he was awesome. Turns out he has wants to be baptized. Then his parents joined us and they want to be baptized too. Miracles. This is why i went on a mission.

Also at the beginning of the week we played basketball and I of course have never played but shout out my boy elder Calvert because he taught me some dunks before we left, and I whipped them out this week. Glad to know I can somewhat still jump — yikes. But I made it more official but wearing a basketball outfit. So i guess ill try out for BYU when i get back.

It has been amazing these past weeks to learn and grow so much. I really love what I’m becoming. There is so much more to life than sports.

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