Commentary: Honeymoon with wife supersedes volleyball coverage

I love covering college men’s volleyball through Off the Block — and it’s even crazier to think how this blog started.

Three years ago I left The Ball State Daily News after spending four years reporting on the Ball State men’s volleyball team and thought I was done with volleyball. I had started my internship with the Indiana House of Representatives and was about as far removed from covering volleyball matches as possible.

It was then at the start of the 2011 season that my then-girlfriend Ali noticed how much I missed covering the sport. She encouraged me to start this blog. And so I began having zero idea what this blog would become other than an outlet for me to help cover a sport I grew to enjoy.


Throughout the last three years Off the Block has grown. More importantly, though, my relationship with Ali has grown.

Ali and I got married Saturday in Nashville.

It is an amazing feeling to know I’ll get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing girl in the world. In addition, everything I do in my life, including this blog, would not be as enjoyable if it wasn’t for Ali.

Throughout this upcoming week Ali and I will begin our new lives with our honeymoon. While I love updating this blog, it doesn’t even compare to my enjoyment of being with Ali. As a result, don’t except any of the regular weekly in-season features from Off the Block this week.

This week for me isn’t about volleyball. It’s about starting my new life with my wife.

When we get back from honeymoon, Off the Block will resume reporting on college men’s volleyball. It’s going to be an exciting end to the season, and we will have several new features in-store to enhance our volleyball coverage.

Until then, we fully encourage you to support some of other volleyball blogs such as or volleyball reporters such as the trio of outstanding Penn State student-journalists at In addition, listen to the national award-winning “The Net Live” podcast on Monday afternoon for the latest college volleyball news.

Vinnie Lopes is the editor of Off the Block. He can be reached on Twitter at @vinnielopes.

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  1. I can’t tell you how much we in the volleyball community appreciate your effort to put together such an informative, insightful, and entertaining blog. Thanks and congratulations!

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