Trend: Most Fab 50 selections won’t make all-conference team in college

The new Volleyball Magazine Fab 50 is out, but if history is any indication less than half of the players selected to the list will make an all-conference team in college.

Of the last five Fab 50 classes to complete their four-year college careers, only 23.2 percent of those players have earned Division I-II all-conference honors at least once during their college careers.

The Fab 50 is annual list created by Volleyball Magazine ranking the top 50 high school senior boys’ volleyball players throughout the nation. Volleyball Magazine unveiled its 2012 Fab 50 list in its July issue.

Fifty-eight of the 250 high school boys’ volleyball players to receive Fab 50 honors from 2004-08 have made an NCAA Division I-II all-conference team.

Despite the minority of Fab 50 selections becoming college all-conference players, the percentage of players from this list to earn top conference honors has improved in the last five years.

The 2008 Fab 50 list had 15 players, 30 percent of the class, make a Division I-II all-conference team — the most of any Fab 50 class from 2004-08. Among the members of this 2008 class included 10 AVCA All-Americans and the 2012 Player of the Year USC outside attacker Tony Ciarelli.


The 2008 Fab 50 list had two more members earn all-conference honors than the 2007 Fab 50 class. In addition, the 2004, 2006 and 2007 Fab 50 classes each had at least 10 members make a college all-conference team.

The 2005 Fab 50 class fared the worst among other classes during this time era with it only having nine members make an all-conference team in college.

Of the three Fab 50 classes that has yet to complete their college careers, the 2010 class is faring the best with 11 players having already made an all-conference team. The 2009 Fab 50 class has eight all-conference members, while the 2011 Fab 50 class had three members earn all-conference honors as true freshman last season.


2008 Fab 50 class (15)
Russell Lavaja, BYU
Matt Stork, CSUN
Jay Petty, Lewis
Mike Bunting, Loyola
Shawn Sangrey, Ohio State
Mik Berzins, Ohio State
John Tholen, Ohio State
Scott Liljestrom, Princeton
Evan Barry, Stanford
Erik Shoji, Stanford
Brad Lawson, Stanford
Thomas Amberg, UCLA
Kyle Caldwell, UCLA
Tony Ciarelli, USC
Steven Shandrick, USC

2007 Fab 50 class (13)
J.D. Gasparovic, Ball State
Joe Kauliakamoa, BYU
Michael Klipsch, Long Beach
Cory Riecks, Pepperdine
Kasey Crider, Pepperdine
Spencer McLachlin, Stanford
Carson Clark, UC Irinve
Weston Dunlap, UCLA
Jeff Menzel, UC Santa Barbara
Phil Bannan, UC San Diego
Murphy Troy, USC
Riley McKibbin, USC
Tri Bourne, USC

2006 Fab 50 class (11)
Robb Stowell, BYU
Ben Duckworth, IPFW
Mike Hutz, Loyola
John Klanac, Ohio State
Ted Schoenfeldt, Ohio State
Max Lipsitz, Penn State
Kawika Shoji, Stanford
Evan Romero, Stanford
Jordan Dufault, UC Irvine
Garrett Muagututia, UCLA
Andy McGuire, UC Santa Barbara

2005 Fab 50 class (9)
Todd Chamberlain, Ball state
Kyle Gramit, George Mason
Ryan Kwiatkowski, George Mason
Dean Bittner, Long Beach State
Mike Iandolo, Lewis
Dan Alexander, Long Beach
Nick Lamoureux, Loyola
Matt Anderson, Penn State
Max Holt, Penn State

2004 Fab 50 class (10)
Matt McCarthy, Ball State
Eric Vance, CSUN
Dan Matthews, Ohio State
Ben Spurlock, Ohio State
Jonathan Winder, Pepperdine
Eric Palumbo, Springfield
Jon Steller, UC Irvine
Aaron Harrell, UC Irvine
Ryan Ammerman, UC Irvine
Tony Ker, UCLA

2009 Fab 50 class (8)*
Piotr Dabrowshi, George Mason
Mark Jones, George Mason
Ian Karbiener, Lewis
Joe Smalzer, Loyola
Tom Comfort, Penn State
Nick Turko, Penn State
Maurice Torres, Pepperdine
Pat Schwagler, Princeton

2010 Fab 50 (11)*
Taylor Sander, BYU
Taylor Crabb, Long Beach State
Dianis Berzins, Loyola
Peter Heinen, Ohio State
Nick Goodell, Penn State
Jace Olsen, Penn State
Conner Curry, Penn State
Brian Cook, Stanford
Jeremy Dejno, UC Irvine
Connor Mortland, NYU
Henry Cassiday, USC

2011 Fab 50 (3)*
DJ White, Harvard
Aaron Russell, Penn State
Micah Christenson, USC

*Indicates class still in college

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