Kickstarter campaign for Off the Block to be at NCAA Tourney nears end

A few days still remain for people to get the first official Off the Block shirt and to help determine the players who will get interviewed at the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

The Kickstarter campaign for Off the Block ends Wednesday with the goal of gaining enough support for the website to be on-site this year at the NCAA Tournament in Palo Alto, California.

Off the Block thanks to its supporters has already surpassed its original $400 Kickstarter goal. However, individuals can still donate to the Kickstarter to receive pledge gifts including getting to participate in an exclusive daily poll during the NCAA Tournament to help decide who Off the Block interviews and the new Off the Block shirt.


Off the Block has been among the nation’s leaders this regular season in covering college men’s volleyball. The website now plans to bring its in-depth coverage style to the NCAA Tournament.

Among the features Off the Block will provide readers includes extensive pregame and postgame coverage of every NCAA Tournament match.

Along with this coverage, Off the Block being on-stie will be able to provide its readers in-depth in-match coverage of the NCAA Tournament.

To read more about this Kickstarter campaign and to become a backer of the campaign, click here.