Off the Block to start Spike the Decibel Meter Challenge in 2015

The loudest college men’s volleyball fans will be recognized as part of a new national contest and help their team earn a small financial donation.

Off the Block announced Thursday that it will launch the inaugural Spike the Decibel Meter Challenge for the upcoming NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball season.

The Spike the Decibel Meter Challenge is a contest using decibel meters to measure what team has the loudest crowd during a men’s volleyball regular season home match. The team that submits the highest decibel reading from a 2015 home match will be winner and Off the Block will make a small financial donation to that men’s volleyball program.


The primary metric in previous years used to determine the college volleyball team with the best home-court advantage has been attendance. However, the Spike the Decibel Meter Challenge will be the first contest that will measure the loudness of fan-bases.

In addition, the ability for teams to more easily participate in this type of contest has been made possible in recent years by the release of several decibel meter apps for smartphones.

Decibel meter readings from home matches can be submitted two ways during the upcoming season for this contest.

A member of a school’s athletics department can submit to Off the Block via email or social media the highest decibel meter reading during a home match.

Fans in attendance also can use a decibel meter and submit their highest reading from the match to Off the Block. For fans to make an eligible submission, they need to tweet to Off the Block (@offtheblock11) a picture of both their decibel meter reading and them in attendance at the home match.

Off the Block is a national award winning website that in recent years has emerged as one of the nation’s leaders in college men’s volleyball coverage.