Off the Block to release first NCAA rally scoring era record book

The question of what college men’s volleyball player had the best single-season and career statistically during the rally scoring era will finally be answered.

In an effort to preserve the sport’s history, Off the Block starting next week will release the nation’s first compiled rally scoring era record book for NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball.

The only NCAA record book currently kept for men’s volleyball solely contains NCAA Tournament records in various statistical categories. However, the new record book compiled by Off the Block will be the first national record book to include individual single-season and career records during the rally scoring era.


College men’s volleyball switched from a side-out scoring system to a rally scoring system in 2001. This change dramatically altered the length of matches and created a need to distinguish statistical category leaders between the two eras.

Off the Block in order to create the rally scoring era record book worked with athletics departments from around the nation to obtain lists of school leaders in various statistical categories. These school record holders where then compared to each other to create the NCAA rally scoring era statistical leader lists.

The rally scoring era record book compiled by Off the Block will include the top-five single-season and career individual leaders in kills, aces, digs, assists and blocks.

Off the Block starting Monday will release a new statistical category each day. The leaders can be viewed on the new rally scoring era record book page on the Off the Block website.

Check out the schedule below on when Off the Block will release the rally scoring era leaders in each category.

Schedule release date for NCAA rally scoring era statistical leaders
Monday, July 28: Single-season kills
Tuesday, July 29: Single-season aces
Wednesday, July 30: Single-season assists
Thursday, July 31: Single-season blocks
Friday, Aug. 1: Single-season digs
Saturday, Aug. 2: Single-season attack percentage
Monday, Aug. 4: Career kills
Tuesday, Aug. 5: Career aces
Wednesday, Aug. 6: Career assists
Thursday, Aug. 7: Career blocks
Friday, Aug. 8: Career digs