MPSF officials, coaches debate several conference tournament changes

What happens in Vegas could have an affect on the men’s volleyball NCAA Tournament.

MPSF coaches and officials at its recent league meeting discussed a variety of conference tournament including considering moving the event to Las Vegas.

No vote was taken on the proposal to move the MPSF Tournament away from the regular season championship’s home court and to a neutral venue. However, the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, according to the league meeting’s minutes, has expressed interest in playing host to the event.

Along with a possible venue change, two MPSF coaches’ proposals to expand the MPSF Tournament were tabled for further discussion.


Cal State Northridge coach Jeff Campbell, according to the meeting’s minutes, proposed expanding the tournament to 10 teams. The new format would create two play-in matches between the No. 7 seed versus the No. 10 seed and the No. 8 seed versus the No. 9 seed before the quarterfinals.

Hawai’i coach Charlie Wade similarly introduced a proposal for the conference tournament to include all 12 MPSF teams, according to the meeting minutes. The coach also suggested basing seeding off of a conference regular season point system with teams getting three points for a sweep, two points for a four-game victory and one point for a five-game victory.

The MPSF Tournament is currently comprised of the top eight teams in the conference regular season standings with the top four teams earning the right to have a quarterfinals home match. In addition, the top remaining seed following the quarterfinals has the right to play host to the semifinals and championship.

Despite these proposals being tabled for a later date, the coaches did opt to make a scheduling change for the 2015 MPSF Tournament.

The coaches unanimously voted to move the 2015 MPSF Tournament championship to a Friday instead of playing the match as part of Conference Championship Saturday.

The coaches agreed to make the change, according to the meeting’s minutes, to give teams an additional day to make NCAA Tournament travel arrangements before the play-in matches the following Tuesday.

The NCAA Tournament expanded from four to six teams last season and added two play-in matches. In addition, the MPSF new reforms could now give its teams three days off between the conference championship match and NCAA Tournament play-in match.