Historical Comparison: Advantages of home court for MIVA, EIVA teams vs. MPSF

The home court advantage for non-conference matches involving the MPSF is more than just a myth — it’s a proven fact.

MIVA and EIVA teams historically are twice as likely to beat a MPSF opponent at home than on the road, according to a data analysis report that Off the Block released Monday.

Off the Block in its study compared regular season match results of how NCAA Division I-II MIVA and EIVA teams fared against MPSF teams in home, road and neutral site matches since 2007.

The MIVA in the last seven years had a combined .459 winning percentage at home, while a .218 winning percentage when traveling out to the West Coast for road matches. In addition, the EIVA with a more limited sample margin was less likely to beat the MPSF by 13 percentage points when playing on the road instead of at home.

Check out how the MIVA and EIVA have fared against the MPSF since 2007 and what teams had the best success in these non-conference regular season matches.

Combined MIVA teams vs. MPSF teams record (since 2007)
Home: 17-20 (.459 winning percentage)
Road: 19-68 (.218 winning percentage)
Neutral: 4-24 (.143 winning percentage)

Combined EIVA teams vs. MPSF teams record (since 2007)
Home: 1-2 (.333 winning percentage)
Away: 13-51 (.203 winning percentage)
Neutral: 7-9 (.438 winning percentage)



Ball State
Home: 4-3
Road: 2-7
Neutral: 0-2

Home: 3-4
Road: 0-5
Neutral: 1-1

Ohio State
Home: 1-2
Road: 3-11
Neutral: 2-8

Home: 4-5
Road: 4-13
Neutral: 1-6

Home: 4-6
Road: 8-13
Neutral: 0-4

Grand Canyon
Home: 1-0
Away: 2-13
Neutral: 0-1

Home: 0-0
Away: 0-6
Neutral: 0-2

Home: 0-0
Away: 0-0
Neutral: 0-0

Mercyhurst (left MIVA in 2008)
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-0
Neutral: 0-0


Penn State
Home: 1-1
Away: 10-14
Neutral: 7-6

Home: 0-0
Away: 2-11
Neutral: 0-0

Home: 0-1
Away: 1-7
Neutral: 0-0

George Mason
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-4
Neutral: 0-1

St. Francis
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-3
Neutral: 0-1

Home: 0-0
Away: 0-10
Neutral: 0-1

Sacred Heart
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-0
Neutral: 0-0

Rutgers-Newark (left EIVA in 2014)
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-2
Neutral: 0-0