AVCA releases 2012 high school boys’ volleyball All-American team

Twenty incoming college freshmen were selected to the boys’ volleyball AVCA High School Senior All-American Team on Thursday.

Penn State and UCLA led all teams having three recruits who were named high school All-Americans.

Nittany Lions coach Mark Pavlik had two of his incoming players earn First-Team All-American honors and one player make the Second-Team All-American. In addition, recently retired Hall of Fame coach Al Scates in his final UCLA recruiting class had one recruit selected to the first-team and two players receive second-team honrs.


Along with Penn State and UCLA, eight other Division I-II men’s volleyball teams had at least one incoming recruit make this All-American list.

UC Santa Barbara, USC and Cal State Nrothridge each had two incoming freshmen named All-Americans. Ohio State, Stanford, Loyola, Lewis and Pacific each had one recruit selected as an All-American.

Two Division III schools — Nazareth College and UC Santa Cruz — also each had one of their incoming recruits receive All-American honors.

This is the sixth year of the boys’ volleyball AVCA High School Senior All-American teams. To be eligible for this All-American team a boys’ volleyball player must be a senior and his high school head coach must be an AVCA member.

AVCA First-Team High School Senior All-American
Setter: Michael Mullahey — Los Angeles (USC)
Opposite: Andrew Roberts — Hummelstown, Pa. (Penn State)
Outside attacker: Jacob Delson — Agoura Hills, Calif. (UC Santa Barbara)
Outside attacker: Madison Hayden — Anaheim, Calif. (Stanford)
Outside attacker: Thomas Jaeschke — Naperville, Ill. (Loyola)
Outside attacker: Nick Porterfield — Los Angeles (UCLA)
Outside attacker: Alex Slaught — Los Angeles (USC)
Middle attacker: Driss Guesseous — Los Angeles (Ohio State)
Middle attacker: Matt Callaway — Naperville, Ill. (Penn State)
Libero: Parker Boehle — Los Angles (UC Santa Barbara)

AVCA Second-Team High School Senior All-American
Setter: Nick Alegrado — Chula Vista, Calif. (Cal State Northridge)
Setter: Jon Ferrari — Clovis, Calif. (Uncommitted)
Setter: Steven O’Dell — Farmington, N.Y. (UCLA)
Opposite: Tim Zyburt — Naperville, Ill. (Nazareth College)
Outside attacker: Peter Edwards — Pleasant Hill, Calif. (Pacific)
Outside attacker: Jorge Reyes — Chula Vista, Calif. (UC Santa Cruz)
Outside attacker: Riley Rutan — San Diego (Lewis)
Outside attacker: Bradley Sakaida — Oak Park, Calif. (Cal State Northridge)
Outside attacker: Spenver Sauter — Naperville, Ill. (Penn State)
Middle attacker: Kyle Palmer — Anaheim, Calif. (UCLA)