Youth World Championship volleyball match to follow today: USA vs. Egypt

The U.S. Boys’ Youth National Team will end the World Championship against the team that it played to open the international tournament.

No. 9 United States will play No. 10 Egypt in the World Championship 11th-place championship match at the 6 p.m. (5 p.m. EST) Sunday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The winner of the match will end the 16-team international tournament in 11th place, while the loser will finish in 12th place.

Check out what to know about this match between the United States and Egypt.

No. 9 United States (2-5) vs. No. 10 Egypt (3-4)
Match vitals:
6 p.m. (5 p.m. EST) in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Last medal finish at World Championship: United States (never); Egypt (never)
Incoming or current NCAA players on roster: United States (nine); Egypt (zero)
What to know: For the second time at the World Championship, the United States and Egypt will play each other. However, this time it will be for 11th place in the international tournament. The United States and Egypt both reached the 11th-place match after losing in the ninth-place semifinals on Saturday. Egypt lost in three games to No. 4 Iran, while the United States lost in four games to No. 6 Brazil to fall into the 11th-place match. The United States opened the first round of the World Championship with a five-game victory against Egypt. Outside attacker Cody Caldwell, an incoming freshman recruit for Loyola, had a tournament-high 26 kills in the victory. Outside attacker Islam Abdelkader led Egypt with 21 kills as Egypt overcame a two-game deficit before losing to the United States in the fifth game. In addition, the first time the United States and Egypt played each other three of the five games went games went to overtime, including a 36-34 Egypt victory in the fourth game and the United States winning the fifth game 17-15.