Coaches to wear apparel supporting LGBTQ+ community on Sunday

Photo by Vinnie Lopes

The call has been made for NCAA men’s volleyball coaches to show their support for the LGBTQ+ individuals while recruiting this weekend.

Coaches have been asked to wear on Sunday an article of clothing or accessory that features pride colors associated with the LGBTQ+ community.

McKendree coach Nickie Sanlin, who is the chair of the AVCA Diversity Development Team, emailed this request to coaches and emphasized the apparel showing support can be something as small as a pin or shoelace. Sanlin also posted the email on their Twitter account.


This day of showing support coincides with numerous NCAA men’s volleyball coaches recruiting at the AAU national championships in Orlando, Florida.

Florida is one of many states in recent years that has passed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. Among the new Florida laws range from restricting gender-affirming healthcare to schools being prohibited  from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity until high school.

Sanlin stated wearing supportive LGBTQ+ apparel while recruiting on Sunday should not be viewed as a political stance.

“It is simply to show love and support to a community that deserves equal treatment and acceptance as everyone else in this great country,” Sanlin said.

The AAU national championship is one of many marquee volleyball events in Florida this year. The women’s volleyball NCAA Tournament semifinals and finals along with the annual AVCA Convention will take place in December in Tampa.