Random things we learned during NCAA Tournament media day

There are tons of serious and important questions asked during NCAA Tournament media day but there are also a few lighter questions asked of players and coaches.

Check out some of the random things learned during the news conferences at the NCAA Tournament on Wednesday.

— Hawai’i coach Charlie Wade thinks his players are more similar to stormtroopers than Jedi from the Star Wars universe.

— BYU All-American opposite Ben Patch was a photographer at the wedding of Washington Nationals all-star outfielder Bryce Harper.


— Ohio State coach Pete Hanson has not learned or improved his French, despite now having two players from France on his team.

— All-American libero Andrew Sato is one of the few players in college men’s volleyball who wears a long-sleeve jersey. Long Beach State assistant coach Tyler Hildebrand gave Sato the option of wearing a long -leeve jersey after the libero played in long-sleeve athletic apparel during a preseason tournament.

— Hanson said the ceremonial first pitch he threw at a Cleveland Indians game last summer was better than the first pitch All-American outside attacker Nicolas Szerszen threw at an Ohio State baseball game during the weekend.

— BYU coach Shawn Olmstead said he has preferred to chew Hubba Bubba bubble gym during matches this season.

— Pebble Beach is the golf course that BYU All-American outside attacker and avid golfer Jake Langlois most wants to play.

— Wade has been so plugged into preparing for matches since arriving to the NCAA Tournament that he has yet to sample the local food cuisine in Columbus.

— Ohio State is playing host to the NCAA Tournament and the team is staying at a local hotel.