MIVA, MPSF brackets can now be submitted for $50 perfect bracket challenge

The MPSF Tournament and MIVA Tournament brackets can now be filled out for a chance to win $50 and $25 Starbucks gift cards.

Off the Block announced last week it would reward the $50 gift card to any participant of its annual bracket challenge who can successfully predict every match result from the four conference tournaments and the six-team NCAA Tournament.

The MPSF Tournament and MIVA Tournament portions of this bracket challenge are open for bracket submissions and will remain open until their conference tournaments start later this week. The eight-team MPSF Tournament begins Saturday, while the eight-team MIVA Tournament starts Thursday.


The college men’s volleyball postseason started last week with the six-team Conference Carolinas Tournament. In addition, the four conference tournament champions and two at-large bids will advance to the NCAA Tournament beginning April 29 in Chicago.

Bracket challenge participants can fill out their bracket online at challonge.com or at the bottom of this post. Before filling out a bracket, individuals will be asked to create an account on Challonge. Creating an account on Challonge is free and takes less than a minute to complete.

Along with the perfect bracket challenge, the individual who has the highest combined score on all five brackets — Conference Carolinas Tournament, MPSF Tournament, MIVA Tournament, EIVA Tournament and NCAA Tournament — will receive a $25 gift card to Starbucks or an approved eatery of the winner’s choice.

In the event there are multiple perfect brackets, the grand prize will be equally divided among the winners. Also, if there is a first-place tie in the non-perfect bracket challenge, one contestant from the first-place brackets will be randomly selected for the prize. The winner will also be notified via their Challonge account.

This contest is organized by Off the Block and was created independently of the EIVA, MIVA, MPSF, Conference Carolinas and NCAA.

Brackets for the Conference Carolinas, EIVA, MIVA, MPSF and NCAA Tournaments can be submitted up until the start of the first match in each tournament.

Deadline to submit bracket is 10 p.m. (EST) Saturday. Click here to fill out your MPSF Tournament bracket.

Deadline to submit bracket is 8 p.m. (EST) Thursday. Click here to fill out your MIVA Tournament bracket.