Thank you seniors: All of the players whose college careers ended today

Photo courtesy of UCLA athletics

Jonathan Bates | Off the Block Associate Editor

It’s easy to focus on the disappointments that today brought with the suspension of at least three conference’s men’s volleyball seasons and the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA Tournament. It’s also easy to feel upset that your team won’t win the NCAA tournament this year. The coaches will move on eventually, but our heart goes out to the class of 2020 whose senior season was cut short. Below is a list of 136 seniors and graduate students who have toiled for their respective programs. To them, many of them all-conference or even All-Americans, we salute them and thank them for all of the memories. Special thanks to Pepperdine coach David Hunt for the idea to honor the great group of kids who lost out what should have been a special season.


Setter – Wil Stanley
Outside attacker – Andrew Lincoln    
Middle attacker – Miki Jauhiainen
Outside attacker – Cyrus Fa’alogo
Outside attacker – Zach Eschenberg

Outside attacker – Raymond Barsemian
Outside attacker – Parker Maki
Outside attacker/Opposite – Darcy Taig
Outside attacker – Jordan Hoppe

Grand Canyon
Outside attacker – Jack Burton
Middle attacker – Caleb Blazer

Outside attacker – Noah Dyer
Setter – Rob Mullahey

Setter – Paul Bischoff
Outside attacker – Eric Beatty
Middle attacker – Stephen Moye
Opposite – Eli Wopat

Middle attacker – Matt Younggren
Middle attacker – Daenan Gyimah
Outside attacker – Austin Matautia

Middle attacker – Vecas Lewin

Big West

Outside attacker – Ksawery Tomsia

Opposite – Rado Parapunov
Outside attacker – James Anastassiades
Middle attacker – Patrick Gasman
Outside attacker – Colton Cowell

Long Beach State
Setter – Gary Trejo

UC Irvine
Middle attacker – Scott Stadick
Outside attacker – JB Kam

UC San Diego
Libero – Ryan Lew
Setter – Connor Walbrecht

UC Santa Barbara
Outside attacker – Randy DeWeese
Opposite – Spencer Fredrick
Middle attacker – Brandon Hopper
Outside attacker – Roy McFarland
Setter – Casey McGarry
Opposite – Keenan Sanders
Libero – Grady Yould



Ball State
Libero – Nick LaVanchy
Outside attacker – Blake Reardon
Middle attacker – Nate Amos
Setter – Jake Romano
Outside attacker – Matt Szews
Setter – Courtland Scharenborg

Setter – Ryan Van Loo
Outside attacker – Kyle Bugée
Outside attacker – Ryan Coenen
Utility – Jacob Kerschner
Outside attacker – Dalen Instenes

Middle attacker – Sam Schindler      
Outside attacker – Nick Stevenson
Opposite – Charley Hlavin
Outside attacker – Michael Jennings      

Libero – Jake Freeman
Middle attacker – Kyle Piekarski
Opposite – Kyler Kotsakis
Setter – Ian Cowen

Opposite – Zach Schnittker
Middle attacker – Lucas Galifos

Ohio State
Middle attacker – Jamie Wolmering
Setter – Andrew Hillman
Outside attacker – Shawn Hughes
Outside attacker – Reese Devilbiss
Outside attacker – Kyle Skinner

Purdue Fort Wayne
Middle attacker – Richie Diedric
Outside attacker – Pelegrin Vargas

Setter – Yoran Raymaekers
Middle attacker – Blake Sprecher
Opposite – Omari Wheeler


Middle attacker – Adriel Roberts

George Mason
Outside attacker – Sam Greenslade
Opposite – Hayden Wagner
Outside attacker/Libero – Christopher Allen
Middle attacker – Bryce Gatling

Saint Francis  
Setter – BJ Blair
Setter – Joseph Koszelak
Outside attacker – Michael Fisher
Outside attacker – Gabe Woffindin
Middle attcker – Cole Carver
Opposite – Christian Graziano

Opposite – Piotr Namiotko
Outside attacker – Christopher Costantino
Libero – Parker Lui
Middle attacker – Luca Berger

Penn State
Setter – Luke Braswell
Middle attacker – Jason Donorovich
Opposite – Calvin Mende
Outside attacker – Henrik Falck Lauten
Setter – Nathan Smith

Opposite/Middle attacker – George Huhmann
Outside attacker – Greg Luck
Outside attacker – Parker Dixon

Libero – Jack Connolly
Setter – Matthew Ctvrtlik
Middle attacker – Marty Heavey
Libero/Outside Hitter – Chase Howard

Sacred Heart 
Setter – Ramiro Balaguer
Libero – Timothy McIntosh
Outside attacker – Connor Mahony
Outside attacker – Calin Butler
Middle attacker – Rob Chatterton


Libero – Tim Wiese
Libero/Setter – Ben Kasun
Middle attacker – Absalon Williams
Opposite – Angelos Mandilaris
Setter – Oscar Fiorentino

Belmont Abbey
Outside attacker – Carter Eck
Outside attacker – Liam Maxwell
Outside attacker – Pierce Pliapol
Setter – Bryce Sullivan

Outside attacker – Aleksa Lakic
Middle attacker – Don Thompson
Opposite – Alex Zayas

Libero – Gary Aromin
Opposite – Griffin Spence

Opposite – Julian Young

Utility – Chris Woolslayer

Outside attacker/Middle attacker -Andrew Holman

Mount Olive   
Setter – Shane Yeo
Middle attacker – Yigit Erkek
Opposite – Jesiah Orr

North Greenville        
Setter – Jake Boldog
Outside attacker – Jackson Gilbert
Middle attacker – Ben Hamsho


Alderson Broaddus
Outside attacker – Jose Ramirez
Libero – Chase Doyle

Opposite – Zach Yerington

Lincoln Memorial
Outside attacker – NyJaee Washington
Middle attacker – Pedro Carvalho
Middle attacker/Opposite – Randy Rivera
Opposite – Evan Cory

St. Francis Brooklyn
Libero – Matin Alamzai

Setter – Peter Stewart

Matt Wheeler

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for honoring them. Still can’t believe we dont get to see them play anymore.

  2. You all worked so hard to get to this place. Be proud of your accomplishments and thank you for all the excitement you brought fans all these years!! I will miss being the stands cheering you on. Love our Lewis Flyers! Go Flyers!

  3. Thank you so much for the tribute to all these amazing players♥️ I have enjoyed watching so many! You guys rock!
    Anna Graziano
    SFU #23

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