Court to sidelines: Former men’s players now coaching NCAA Division I women’s volleyball

Photo courtesy of Purdue athletics

More than 100 former college men’s volleyball players are now coaching at the highest levels of college women’s volleyball.

Check out all the former NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball players that are on the coaching staffs of NCAA Division I women’s volleyball teams for the 2019 season that started this weekend.

[Editor’s note: This list also includes former players from men’s volleyball teams that were later disbanded or later departed the EIVA and MIVA with the formation of a NCAA Division III national championship. The list was compiled by Off the Block associate editor Jonathan Bates and is updated through the summer of 2019.]

Former Ball State players now coaching

Jeff Aucoin (2013) — Harvard assistant coach
Todd Chamberlain (2006-09) — Louisville assistant coach
Billy Ebel (2007-10) — Kansas assistant coach
Kevin Laseau (1989-92) — Yale associate head coach
Anders Nelson (2009-11) — Kentucky associate head coach
Ethan Pheister (2007-10) — South Carolina assistant coach
Arturo Rivera (2004-05) — Wake Forest assistant coach
Keith Schunzel (2001-04) — Kennesaw State head coach
Dave Shondell (1977-80) — Purdue head coach
John Shondell (1989-93) — Purdue assistant coach
Craig Skinner (1990-93) — Kentucky head coach
Julian Welsh-White (2012-15) — Howard assistant coach

Former Belmont Abbey players now coaching

Spencer Fournell (2013-14) — Cal State Fullerton technical coordinator
Derek Sullivan (2013-16) — William & Mary volunteer assistant coach

Former BYU players now coaching

Dan Corotan — Utah assistant coach
Kevin Hambly (1992-95) — Stanford director of women’s volleyball
David Hyte (2003-04) — BYU associate head coach
Jeremiah Larsen (1997, 2000-03) — Weber State head coach
Carlos Moreno (2002-04) — Arizona State associate head coach
Hugh McCutcheon (1991-93) — Minnesota head coach
Jaylen Reyes (2012-15) — Nebraska assistant coach
Steve Rindfleisch (2010-13) — North Dakota assistant coach
Rodnei Santos (2007) — Ohio assistant coach
Trent Sorenson (2005-08) — Kansas State assistant coach
Shane Tye (2011-12) — San Francisco associate head coach
Jason Watson (1991-94) — Arkansas head coach

Cal Baptist players now coaching

Amir Lugo-Rodriguez (2013-14) — Cal assistant coach

Former Concordia-New York players now coaching

Manolo Concepción (2002) — Missouri State associate head coach

Former CSUN players now coaching

Ryan Adams (2006-08) — Lafayette head coach
Jeff Baxter (2008-11) — Portland head coach
Kaleo Baxter (2009, 2011) — Hawai’i assistant coach
Travis Magorien (2012-15) — James Madison assistant coach
Ryan Mason (2013) — Campbell assistant coach
Mark Rosen (1983-85) — Michigan head coach
Dave Rubio (1981-82) — Arizona head coach

Former East Stroudsburg players now coaching

Terry Hutchinson (1995-96) — Towson assistant coach
Santiago Restrepo (1983-85) — Arkansas State head coach

Former Erskine players now coaching

Drew Davis (2013-15) — North Dakota State assistant coach

Former George Mason players now coaching

Kris Grunwald (1987-91) — Auburn assistant coach
Paul Koncir (1995-98) — UTSA associate head coach
Patrick Maloney (2010-13) — VCU assistant coach
Jason Oliver (1996-97) — Toledo assistant coach

Former George Williams players now coaching

Russ Rose (1972-75) — Penn State head coach


Former Grand Canyon players now coaching

David Beck (2012-14) — Buffalo assistant coach
Jared Goldberg (2012-13) — Harvard assistant coach
Puna Kaniho (2014-18) — Hawai’i volunteer assistant coach

Former Harvard players now coaching

Matt Jones (2008-12) — UC Santa Barbara assistant coach
Mike Owen (2011-14) — Miami (Ohio) assistant coach

Former Hawai’i players now coaching

Dan Fisher (1995-96) — Pittsburgh head coach
Alfred Reft (2004-06) — Illinois assistant coach

Former Juniata players now coaching

Matthew Johann (2011-14) — Cornell assistant coach
Dennis Hohenshelt (1990-93) — Penn State assistant coach
Terry Hutchinson (1993-94) — Towson assistant coach
Kevin Moore (1998-2001) — Northwestern assistant coach
Pat Shawaryn (2001-04) — Princeton assistant coach

Former King players now coaching

Ariel Apolinario (2009-10) — UNLV assistant coach
Morris Cephas (2010-11) — VCU assistant coach
Matt DeLong (2013-17) — Colgate assistant coach
Cameron Sitler (2008-10) — Houston Baptist assistant coach
Chandler Wellman (2014-17) — Austin Peay assistant coach

Former Lees-McRae players now coaching

John Lucas (2011-14) — Clemson assistant coach
Efrain Negron (2010-13) — Georgia Southern assistant coach

Former Lewis players now coaching

Will McCall (2013-16) — Kansas City assistant coach
Tom Mendoza (2005) — South Carolina head coach
Brian Muesenfechter (2008-11) — Troy assistant coach
Lucas Yanez (2014-15) — Miami volunteer assistant coach

Former Limestone players now coaching

Drew Davis (2017) — North Dakota State assistant coach

Former Long Beach State players now coaching

Taylor Gregory (2013-16) — San Jose State assistant coach
Brent Hilliard (1990-93) — San Diego associate head coach
Amir Lugo-Rodriguez (2016-17) — Cal assistant coach
Connor Olbright (2011-14) — USC volunteer assistant coach
Philip White (2000-04) — Cincinnati associate head coach

Former Loyola players now coaching

Rob Chilcoat (2013-15) — South Alabama assistant coach
Shane Davis (2000-03) — Northwestern head coach
Jeff Patton (2012-13) — Eastern Kentucky assistant coach

Former Loyola Marymount players now coaching

Brad Keller (1998-2000) — UCLA associate head coach

Former Mount Olive players now coaching

Tim Ebbecke (2010-13) — Purdue volunteer assistant coach
Camilo Guerci (2007-10) — Florida International assistant coach
Jackson Metichecchia (2011-12) — Loyola Marymount volunteer assistant coach

Former NJIT players now coaching

Pedro Trevino (1997-2001) — NJIT head coach

Former Ohio State players now coaching

Sean Burdette (1989) — Memphis head coach
Andy Cole (2003-06) — Milwaukee volunteer technical coordinator
Ray Gooden (1991-93) — Northern Illinois head coach
Michael Henchy (2012-15) — American assistant coach
John Klanac (2007-10) — Rice assistant coach
Frank Lavrisha (1979) — San Francisco head coach
Dan Meske (2004-07) — Louisville associate head coach
Steve Opperman (1984-87) — Duquesne head coach
Ben Spurlock (2005-09) — Ohio State assistant coach
Chuck Voss (1990-93) — Cleveland State head coach

Former Pacific players now coaching

Jason Borchin (2008-10) — Cal Poly assistant coach
Sam Crosson (1994-97) — Cal head coach
Dan Fisher (1998-99) — Pittsburgh head coach
Mike Gawlik (2002-05) — Central Michigan head coach
Chris Matsui (2012) — George Mason assistant coach
Chris Tamas (1999-2003) — Illinois head coach

Former Purdue Fort Wayne players now coaching

Jordan Armstrong (2012-15) — Akron assistant coach
Garrett Bitter (2008-11) — Kennesaw State assistant coach
Collin Cohen (2014-15) — Eastern Washington assistant coach
Tyler Golsteyn (2012-16) — East Carolina assistant coach

Former Penn State players now coaching

Steve Aird (1998-2001) — Indiana head coach
Daniel Gwitt (2005) — Indiana assistant coach
Jason Kepner (1994-97) — College of Charleston head coach
Luke Murray (2005-08) — North Carolina State assistant coach
Mike Schall (1991-94) — North Carolina assistant coach
Aaron Smith (2004-07) — Virginia head coach
John Wasielewski (1987-89) — Virginia Tech associate head coach

Former Pepperdine players now coaching

Keith Barnett (1999-2001) — Air Force head coach
Kasey Crider (2008-11) — Miami associate head coach
Jerritt Elliott (1987-88) — Texas head coach
Andy Hein (2003-06) — UC Riverside assistant coach
Brendan Higa (1995-97) — Cal Baptist head coach
Cory Riecks (2008-11) — Pacific assistant coach
Rodnei Santos (2009-10) — Ohio assistant coach
Jeff Stork (1982-84) — CSUN head coach
Joshua Taylor (2012-15) — Missouri interim head coach
Jonathan Winder (2005-08) — Fresno State head coach
Scott Wong (1998-2001) — Pepperdine head coach

Former Quincy players now coaching

Ryan Meek (2003) — High Point head coach

Former St. Francis players now coaching

Steve Florio — Purdue Fort Wayne head coach
Doug Wright — North Florida volunteer assistant coach

Former San Diego State players now coaching

Tom Hunter — Air Force assistant coach
Ken Murczek — San Diego State assistant coach

Former Springfield players now coaching

Sean Byron — Marist head coach

Former Stanford players now coaching

David Fischer (1992-94) — UNC-Wilmington associate head coach
Matt Fuerbringer (1994-97) — Long Beach State associate head coach

Former UC Irvine players now coaching

Kevin Carroll (2008-12) — Cincinnati assistant coach

Former UC San Diego players now coaching

Eric Barber (2014) — Cal Poly assistant coach
Tom Black (1993-96) — Georgia head coach

Former UC Santa Barbara players now coaching

Keno Gandara — Miami head coach
Cullen Irons (2008-11) — Oklahoma assistant coach
Aaron Mansfield (2002-05) — Loyola Marymount head coach
Lee Nelson — Nevada head coach
Tyson North (2006-07) — Nevada assistant coach

Former UCLA players now coaching

Thomas Amberg (2009-12) — Virginia Tech assistant coach
Dan Conners (1998-2001) — UC Davis head coach
Trent Kersten (2012-15) — TCU assistant coach
Steve Klosterman (2003-07) — Hofstra assistant coach
Mike Sealy (1990-93) — UCLA head coach
Erik Sullivan (1992-95) — Texas associate head coach
Reed Sunahara (1982-86) — West Virginia head coach
Nick Vogel (2009-12) — DePaul assistant coach
JT Wenger (2001-04) — UT Arlington head coach

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  1. One more BYU player now coaching is Carlos Moreno – Arizona State Assistant. Also Rob Browning at St. Mary’s but I think he played right before BYU became a D1 team.

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