Off the Block to broadcast live NCAA finals prematch show

The biggest college men’s volleyball match of the this season will have a live one-hour prematch show to breakdown everything associated with the match.

Off the Block announced it will produce a live prematch show on Saturday from St. John Arena to discuss the upcoming NCAA Tournament finals between Ohio State and BYU.

The prematch show will air via Facebook Live and be available to view on both the Off the Block website and the Off the Block Facebook page. This also will be the only prematch show airing live on-site from the NCAA Tournament.


Among the features of the prematch show will include footage of teams warming and analysis of the match from various volleyball media members and coaches.

The prematch show will begin at approximately 5:30 p.m. (EST) and conclude before the NCAA Tournament finals begin at 7 p.m. (EST) on ESPN2.

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