Off the Block/TallSlim Tees College Men’s Volleyball Mascot Challenge

The Off the Block/TallSlim Tees College Men’s Volleyball Mascot Challenge concludes with the finals between Abe (Lincoln Memorial) and Cosmo (BYU).

The finals matches will be decided through fan voting on the Off the Block website.

Abe and Cosmo reached the finals after winning divisional championships in the round-robin stage and then winning in their semifinal matches.

Along with competing for the championship title, the winning school will receive a $100 donation from Off the Block that will go towards helping the champion mascot travel to a road or postseason men’s volleyball match during the 2021 season.

Below are the tournament standings, the finals poll and the mascot bios. The poll closes at 10 p.m. (CST) Wednesday.

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Off the Block/TallSlim Tees Mascot Challenge (Semifinals)
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Eastern Division standings

Mascot School Record
x-1. Abe Lincoln Memorial 5-0
x-T-2. Nittany Lion Penn State 2-3
T-2. The Highlander NJIT 2-3
T-2. Zeke Tusculum 2-3
5. Twister King 1-4

Western Division standings

Mascot School Record
x-1. Cosmo BYU 5-0
x-T-2. Thunder Grand Canyon 3-2
T-2. King Triton UC San Diego 3-2
4. Bedcheck Charlie Lewis 2-3
5. Traveler USC 0-5

x — Clinched semifinals berth


Photo courtesy of Lincoln Memorial athletics

School: Lincoln Memorial
Mascot description: President Abraham Lincoln
Established: N/A
Mascot fun fact: A new Abe that is slimmer and slightly taller than the previous version of the mascot was unveiled last year. In the introduction video, the old mascot formally handed off his ax to the new Abe.
Men’s volleyball note: Lincoln Memorial has the right president mascot for volleyball. Lincoln at 6-foot-4, not including his hat, is the tallest president in U.S. history.


Photo courtesy of BYU athletics

School: BYU
Mascot description: Cougar
Established: 1953
Mascot fun fact: BYU used to have live cougars on its sidelines before Cosmo. The school opted to name the new mascot Cosmo to represent the diverse student body.
Men’s volleyball note: Cosmo is often seen pumping up the Smith Fieldhouse crowd during BYU home matches and has been in attendance during the Cougars’ recent NCAA Tournament appearances.