The top college men’s volleyball stories of the week

It’s your top men’s volleyball stories list, but with a twist.

Every Sunday during the men’s volleyball regular season, Off the Block will post the best men’s volleyball stories of the week from around the nation. The list, though, is based more on how well the reporter wrote and covered the story rather than just what happened on the court.

In many communities volleyball is a non-mainstream sport that has a niche following. One of the exciting things for reporters covering volleyball, though, is finding that interesting angle that could appeal to volleyball and non-volleyball fans.

Going beyond the box score and game notes to provide readers with insight on the team that they can’t got anywhere else is one of the most important skills for a sports reporter.


This list is to honor those efforts.

Erskine AD: Gay athletes not banned
Scott Chancey | Index Journal
Erskine became the center of a national controversy Thursday when a new policy at the Christian school outlining its stance on homosexuality was misreported as the college banning gay athletes. This news-feature story looks at the policy and how the coverage effected the Erskine men’s volleyball team, which had two openly gay players on its roster.

UCLA drubs UCLA in conference upset
Tanner Walters | Daily Bruin
No. 9 UCLA in its biggest match of the season so far upset its cross-town rival then-No. 3 USC in four games on Sunday. This game story examines how the Bruins were able to pull off the upset and what the rivalry victory means to this team primarily comprised of freshmen and sophomores.

Lewis tops Quincy, continues sweep streak
Kaitlyn Jasnica | The Herald-News
No. 2 Lewis extended its winning streak to 11 matches and remained undefeated in conference play as it swept Quincy on Saturday. This game story focuses on the dominance that the Flyers have displayed during their winning streak and how the team is looking forward to its upcoming match against No. 1 Loyola.

Uncertain future for NCAA men’s volleyball
Robby General | The Ball State Daily News
Ball State coach Joel Walton within the last 10 years has become well aware through personal experiences of the challenges maintaining a college men’s volleyball program. This news-feature story examines the coach’s view of how despite it being a non-revenue sport schools benefit from having a men’s volleyball program.

Perception biggest threat for Penn State
Matt Martell | The Daily Collegian
It is all about the in-match adjustments and reacting to your opponent’s adjustments for Penn State coach Mark Pavlik. This news-feature story examines how the coach takes advantage in-match adjustments and perceptions of Penn State to help his team be more successful on the court.