Fan contests & engagement at the Grow the Game Challenge

For fans coming to the inaugural Off the Block Grow the Game Challenge presented by MotorMVB it will be more than just getting to watch really good volleyball matches — it’s going to be an experience.

There will be numerous fan contests and interactive opportunities throughout the entire non-conference tournament on Jan. 12-14 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena. Not all the contests will be announced before the tournament — because what fans don’t like surprises. However, here are just a few of the fan contests and interactive opportunities to expect at the Grow the Game Challenge.

$100 perfect serve challenge

Off the Block will present $100 to the first fan who makes the perfect serve. Fans during an intermission will be able to go onto the court and attempt to serve a volleyball from behind the service line and into a bucket on the other side of the net. The first fan who is able to serve the volleyball into the bucket on a fly will win $100. Any fan in the arena with a valid ticket can participate. The perfect serve challenge will be during the second and third game intermission of the Hawai’i versus Lincoln Memorial match that starts at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 12.

Interactive zone

In between matches, fans will be able to test their volleyball skills in the interactive zone located on the Allen Arena southern concourse. Among the skills fans will be able to test is their vertical jump and 3-meter line leap. They also will be able to see how their skills compare to the players on the court.

The Molten catch a ball in the stands challenge

Unlike in baseball, when a ball goes into the stands at a volleyball match the fan who catches it has to throw it back to a game official. That’s changing at the Grow the Game Challenge — at least for one play. For all 12 matches at the Grow the Game Challenge, the first ball that goes into the stands during the third game will be considered a live foul ball. The fan who catches the volleyball will get to keep it and take it home with them. Molten is official volleyball supplier for the Grow the Game Challenge and all matches will be played with the NCAA Flistatec model volleyball.

Trivia question challenge

Be ready to possibly answer some trivia questions while at the Grow the Game Challenge. There will be an MC roaming the stands during several matches, and at play stoppages (timeouts and game intermissions) the MC could ask one fan a trivia question. Get the question right and win some swag.