Player stats for 2018 Off the Block National Awards

Photo courtesy of Jay Sowers.

Off the Block for the eighth consecutive season will present national awards honoring some of the best players in college men’s volleyball. This season Off the Block will present 12 awards: the Lloy Ball Award, the Karch Kiraly Award, the Bryan Ivie Award, the Ryan Millar Award, the Erik Shoji Award, the Division II National Player of the Year, the International Player of the Year, the National Blocker of the Year, the National Server of the Year, the Freshmen All-American Team, the Independent Team Awards and the Division III Independent Team Awards.

The winners for all these awards, excluding the independent awards, are determined by nationwide voting committee for college men’s volleyball coaches and select media members.

The finalists and award winners will be announced throughout the college men’s volleyball postseason.

Check out the player stats for each award that Off the Block provides the voters for them to use before casting their ballots this year.

Lloy Ball Award (nation’s best setter)

Karch Kiraly Award (nation’s best outside attacker)

Bryan Ivie Award (nation’s best opposite)

Ryan Millar Award (nation’s best middle attacker)

Erik Shoji Award (nation’s best libero)

Division II National Player of the Year

International Player of the Year

National Blocker of the Year

National Server of the Year

Freshmen All-American Team

Independent Team Awards

Division III Independent Team Awards