BYU beats UCLA, ends servegate controversy with 18-16 overtime win

It took about 24 hours to figure it out, but No. 3 BYU finally and officially defeated No. 4 UCLA in the fifth-game overtime to end the servegate controversy.

After BYU earlier in the day won its protest to the MPSF and the conference ordered the match to replayed at 16-16 in the fifth game, the Cougars scored two straight points in overtime to beat the Bruins 18-16 in the fifth game on Saturday Los Angeles.

Outside attacker Taylor Sander to begin the overtime replay had a kill to put the Cougars at matCh-high. In addition, BYU blocked UCLA on the next play to beat the Bruins 27-29, 16-25, 25-22, 25-18, 18-16.


UCLA before BYU won its protest to the league had defeated the Cougars on Friday to opener their two match series in part because a controversial call on a serve in the fifth game overtime.

With BYU serving match-point at 16-15, the officials initially ruled the Cougars’ serve landed inside the back-line for a match-winning ace.

That call resulted in large protest from UCLA as coach Al Scates left the bench and walked across the court argue with the officials. In addition, UCLA players refused to leave the court or line-up to shake hands with the BYU players in protest of the call.

After almost 10 minutes of arguing from both UCLA and BYU, the officials decided to replay the point. The replay point ended in a BYU service error, and UCLA eventually won the fifth game 20-18.

With this victory, BYU moves into first place in the MPSF.

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  1. You missed the whole point. The match should have never been replayed. Officials make human errors, but they get suspended, but events in college are never played over at the end of the match like this. if you are into volleyball like you claim then you should go on record that the MPSF blew it and shouldn’t have changed the outcome and this should never happen again in the sport or everyone will argue and protest every result and want replays from mistakes

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