And we’re back and better than ever

And it looks like  I couldn’t stay far away that long from the men’s volleyball scene after leaving The Ball State Daily News.

After four years of covering the sport, I developed an interest in the little know sport that has coupled with my passion for telling a story. I’m currently working an industry that doesn’t have a connection to volleyball so this blog is my outlet to keep involved in the sport — and to relieve my Twitter followers from the constant volleyball tweets.


The blog will primarily consist of my thoughts on the season about all teams, not just Ball State. In addition, I’ll post updates on my thesis/book that I am finishing up about the 1960-64 Ball State men’s volleyball teams.

There is no set schedule on when or how often I will update this blog. However, anytime I post an update I’ll make sure to tweet it on my Twitter account, @vinnielopes.