Off the Block Games preliminary round match results from Saturday

Photo courtesy of BYU athletics

Check out the match results from Saturday of the Off the Block Games preliminary round and the updated tournament standings. All match results are determined through online voting on the Off the Block website.

Pool A matches
Team East Coast (85 percent) def. Team Australia (15 percent)
Team Central Europe (79.49 percent) def. Team Caribbean (20.51 percent)
Team Orange County (30.61 percent) def. Team South (69.39 percent)

Pool B matches
Team Americana (72.97 percent) def. Team Middle East (27.03 percent)
Team Hawai’i (67.74 percent) def. Team Brazil (32.26 percent)
Team Southern Europe (63.16 percent) def. Team Pennsylvania (36.84 percent)


Pool C matches
Team Puerto Rico (82.05 percent) def. Team Asia (17.95 percent)
Team Midwest (51.28 percent) def. Team Nordic (48.72 percent)
Team South America (53.23 percent) def. Team Southern California (46.77 percent)

Pool D matches
Team Northern California (83.78 percent) def. Team Africa (16.22 percent)
Team Illinois (81.33 percent) def. Team Canada (18.67 percent)
Team Western Europe (85.29 percent) def. Team Pacific (14.71 percent)

Pool A standings

Team Record
x-1. Team Orange County 4-0
x-2. Team East Coast 4-1
T-3. Team South 2-2-1
T-3. Team Central Europe 2-2-1
5. Team Caribbean 1-4
6. Team Australia 0-5

Pool B standings

Team Record
x-1. Team Hawai’i 5-0
x-2. Team Americana 4-1
3. Team Southern Europe 3-2
4. Team Brazil 2-3
5. Team Pennsylvania 1-4
6. Team Middle East 0-5

Pool C standings

Team Record
x-1. Team Midwest 4-1
*x-T-2. Team Southern California 3-1-1
T-2. Team Puerto Rico 3-1-1
4. Team South America 2-3
5. Team Nordic 1-4
6. Team Asia 0-5

Pool D standings

Team Record
x-1. Team Illinois 5-0
x-2. Team Northern California 4-1
3. Team Western Europe 3-2
4. Team Canada 2-3
5. Team Pacific 1-4
6. Team Africa 0-5

x — Clinched berth to quarterfinals
* — Southern California won the tiebreaker over Puerto Rico (total votes in the preliminary round)