Off the Block Top of the Class Tournament: Regional Semifinals voting results

Photo courtesy of North Greenville Athletics

The regional semifinal voting has ended and the surprise of this round of voting is that we will have a No. 1 versus No. 2 matchup. After a tournament filled with upsets in the first two three rounds, No. 1 seed Rado Parapunov of Hawai’i will take on No. 2 seed Evan Cory of Lincoln Memorial for the right to advance to the Final Four.

ConfCarolinas leads all conferences with three players advancing to the regional finals, led by two players from North Greenville. No. 9 seed Ben Hamsho had the most dominant performance of the Sweet 16, defeating his opponent, No. 13 seed Henrik Falck Lauten, by better than a 2 to 1 ratio.

Check out the full results from regional semifinal voting below:


Carlos Moreno Region Semifinals

No. 2 seed Hayden Wagner def. No. 6 seed Wil Stanley, 53.81% – 46.19% 
No. 8 seed Jackson Gilbert def. No. 4 seed Oscar Fiorentino, 58.24% – 41.76% 

Yuval Katz Region Semifinals

No. 1 seed Rado Parapunov def. No. 5 seed Luca Berger, 59.95% – 40.05% 
No. 2 seed Evan Cory def. No. 6 seed Randy DeWeese, 57.86% – 42.14% 

TJ DeFalco Region Semifinals

No. 6 seed Noah Dyer def. No. 2 seed Patrick Gasman, 52.33% – 47.67% 
No. 9 seed Ben Hamsho def. No. 13 seed Henrik Falck Lauten, 67.07% – 32.93% 

Tom Bonynge Region Semifinals

No. 8 seed Sam Schindler def. No. 5 seed Keenan Sanders, 56.54% – 43.46% 
No. 11 seed Don Thompson def. No. 10 seed Calvin Mende, 59.4% – 40.6%