Off the Block Top of the Class Tournament: Regional Finals voting

Photo courtesy of Lindenwood athletics

Off the Block selected the top seniors in college men’s volleyball and seeded them into a bracket, and it is up to the fans to determine who should win the 2020 Top of the Class Tournament.

The Top of the Class Tournament is a bracket-style, five-round event pairing the best seniors from NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball teams against each other. The senior in each match-up who had the best college career as decided by the fans will advance to the next round.

The tournament continues today with the regional finals. Online voting for these first-round matches will end at 10 p.m. (CST) Sunday.

Off the Block was established in 2011 and is the nation’s leaders in college men’s volleyball coverage.

Check out today’s ballots below.


Carlos Moreno Region Finals

Hayden Wagner, George Mason (2017-20)
Career stats: 754 kills (3.40 kills per game), 223 digs (1.00 digs per game), 125 blocks, 76 aces
Achievements/Honors: 2019 AVCA All-American Honorable Mention, 2019 All-EIVA First-Team, 2019 EIVA All-Tournament Team, 2019 AVCA All-American Honorable Mention, 2018 All-EIVA First-Team

Jackson Gilbert, North Greenville (Coker 2017; North Greenville 2018-20)
Career stats: 953 kills, 162 blocks, 114 aces, 322 digs
Achievements/Honors: 2019 All-ConfCarolinas Second-Team, 2018 All-ConfCarolinas Third-Team

Yuval Katz Region Finals

Rado Parapunov, Hawai’i (2017-2020)
Career stats: 986 kills (3.57 kills per game), .349 attack percentage, 91 aces (0.33 aces per game), 212 blocks (0.77 blocks per game).
Achievements/Honors: 2019 All-Big West First Team, AVCA All-American First-Team, 2019 Bryan Ivie Award Winner, 2019 International Player of the Year, 2018 All-Big West Honorable Mention, 2017 All-MPSF Freshman Team

Evan Cory, Lincoln Memorial (2017-20)
Career stats: 3.52 kills per game, .308 attack percentage, 0.44 aces per game, 1.65 digs per game, 0.79 blocks per game
Achievements/Honors: 2019 Division II National Player of the Year finalist, 2019 IVA Tournament MVP, 2019 Off the Block Independent Teams Player of the Year, 2019 Off the Block All-Independent Team, 2019 IVA Tournament All-Tournament Team, 2018 Off the Block All-Independent Team, 2017 Off the Block All-Independent Team

TJ DeFalco Region Finals

Noah Dyer, Pepperdine (2017-20)
Career stats: 315 kills, 396 digs, 73 blocks
Achievements/Honors: 2017 All-MPSF Freshman Team

Ben Hamsho, North Greenville (2017-20)
Career stats: 630 kills, 80 aces, 116 digs, 0.76 blocks per game
Achievements/Honors: Led 2020 North Greenville in aces per game, blocks per game and attack percentage

Tom Bonynge Region Finals

Sam Schindler, Lindenwood (2017-20)
Career stats: .368 attack percentage, 109 aces (0.32 aces per game), 342 blocks (0.99 blocks per game)
Achievements/Honors: 2017 All-MIVA Freshman Team, 2017 All-MIVA Honorable Mention

Don Thompson, Emmanuel (2017-20)
Career stats: 930 kills (2.68 kills per game), .315 attack percentage, 265 digs, 211 blocks
Achievements/Honors: 2019 All-ConfCarolinas Second-Team

10 Replies to “Off the Block Top of the Class Tournament: Regional Finals voting”

  1. Question—we have a group of 4 that is all together and voting at the same time because we felt like it wasn’t counting our votes. We each click one after another. 3 different times of doing this, somehow the person we are voting for LOSES percentage. I can’t believe that in the course of 3 seconds that more than 4 people are voting for the other guy. Is there a way to put up the actual number of votes for each person like you did for Luca Berger’s 2nd round? Thank you SO much for doing all this. The players love it, but it is also totally entertaining to all of us. We are more obsessed with this bracket than any March Madness Bball! So appreciated!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. It may be that there is lag time counting the votes. I’ll have to ask our the people over at our third-party app that have the polling software we use to tabulate the votes.

      1. That same exact thing is happening with our player. I vote and then my husband votes a minute later and our players percentage actually decreases. We would also like to see the vote count like on Lucas in a previous round if possible.

          1. Oh thank you! I just meant seeing the actual votes for all of them as we voted rather than just the percentages…thank you for doing all of this…so fun and quite the undertaking!!

  2. We are still struggling to get votes counted. We’ve cleared history, turned device off/on and still can’t get vote to take. It’s very frustrating.

    1. Sue, I totally hear you. We’ll see what we can do. We use a third-party app for the poll counting and to prevent over-voting

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