Men’s volleyball NCAA Tournament canceled for 2020 season

Photo by Fabiana Huffaker

There will be no men’s volleyball NCAA Tournament in 2020.

The NCAA announced Thursday afternoon that all remaining championships for spring and winter sports, including men’s volleyball, will be canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that there are 1,215 confirmed cases of the coronavirus throughout the United States and 36 deaths because of the virus. That number has continued to increase in recent days.


The NCAA Tournament was scheduled to take place May 5-9 in Fairfax, Virginia at George Mason University.

Canceling the NCAA Tournament does not necessarily mean that men’s volleyball teams have to cancel all their remaining matches. Before this decision, though, numerous schools had already opted to end their seasons or cancel matches and the Big West indefinitely suspended all future matches.

This is the first time since men’s volleyball became a NCAA sanctioned sport in 1970 that there will not be a NCAA Tournament to determine the national champion.

4 Replies to “Men’s volleyball NCAA Tournament canceled for 2020 season”

  1. This is awful. The tournament isn’t until May. How sad for the teams that have a chance to make the tournament. Why not just postpone it? My grandson is one of the top players in the nation. All that work these men have done. All for nothing. You all are ridiculous.

  2. I think this is totally absurd, I understand being cautious, but seriously it’s only March. You’re cancelling an event 2 months from now. Totally ridiculous, I could see maybe next week but come on!!!! The media is causing this mass panic for really no reason. If people would know what personal hygiene was this would not be an issue.

    1. I totally agree. It could have been delayed. My grandson who is a star player for Lewis University. He and his team are devasted especially since they would most likely have gone to NCAA again this year.

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