Championship round field set for Off the Block National Player of Month

Six players based on your votes have an opportunity to win a college men’s volleyball national award for their outstanding performances in January.

BYU’s Gabi Garcia Fernandez and David Gardini, NJIT’s Luca Berger and Rogque Nido, Long Beach State’s Mason Briggs and Penn State’s Cole Bogner all advanced to the championship round of the Off the Block National Player of the Month.

The Off the Block National Player of the Month recognizes the best individual performances from NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball players during the month. In addition, it gives volleyball fans from around the world the chance to determine who was the best player through online voting on the Off the Block website.


The National Player of the Month is a two-round event with the opening round consisting of finalists being placed into one of five ballots based on their position. The five winners on the position ballots advanced to the championship round, along with the runner-up who received the most votes.

Berger, Briggs, Fernandez, Gardini and Nido all won their opening-round ballots to reach the finals, while Bogner received the most votes among the runner-ups on all the ballots.

Online voting for the championship round is underway, and the polls will close at 10 p.m. (CST) Saturday. The individual receiving the most votes will be the National Player of the Month for January.

While there are several weekly awards in college men’s volleyball, this is the only monthly national award presented in the sport.

Check out the finalists below for the National Player of the Month in January. Individuals can vote using at the poll below or by visiting

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