The Men’s Bracket: USA Volleyball Collegiate Beach Championships

Check out the men’s bracket and match results from the knockout stage of the USA Volleyball Collegiate Beach Championships that concluded on Saturday.

Teams in the bracket

No. 1 seed Adam Wienckowski (FAU)/Tim Brewster (UCLA)

No. 2 seed Jonathan Justice (FSU)/Bryce Estes (Nicholls State)

No. 3 seed Wyatt Harrison (UC San Diego)/Chris Shaffer (UC San Diego)

No. 4 seed Zachary Meyer (Concordia-Irvine)/Jordan Hoppe (Concordia-Irvine)

No. 5 seed Charles Fisher (Penn State)/Cole Bogner (Penn State)

No. 6 seed Jason Gibbs (Lewis)/Carlos Jimenez (Lewis)

No. 7 seed Evan Cory (Lincoln Memorial)/Jacob Titus (Lincoln Memorial)

No. 8 seed Kanden Knepper (Liberty)/Eugenio DeJesus (Liberty)

No. 9 seed Raymond Cascio (UC Santa Cruz)/Maxwell Garris (UC Santa Cruz)

No. 10 seed Heath Hughes (Grand Canyon)/Cole Udall (Grand Canyon)

No. 11 seed Matthew McLaren (Penn State)/Luke Braswell (Penn State)

No. 12 seed Dan Gould (Rhode Island)/Brett Gould (Rhode Island)