Off the Block Fan Choice National Player of the Year: Second round voting

Photo courtesy of Pepperdine athletics and Martin A. Folb

Off the Block selected the top players in college men’s volleyball and seeded them into a bracket. Now it is up to the fans to determine who should win the Off the Block Fan Choice National Player of the Year.

The Off the Block Fan Choice National Player of the Year recognizes the best individual performances from NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball players during the season and gives volleyball fans from around the world the chance decide the winner through online voting.

The six-round bracket style tournament continues with the second-round matches in the Nicolas Szerszen Region and the Thomas Jaeschke Region. The winners advanced to the regional semifinals that will take place during the weekend.

Online voting for these second-round matches will end at 10 p.m. (CST) Friday.

Check out the today’s ballots below. Individuals also can vote at

Off the Block is a national award winning website that was established in 2011 and is the nation’s leader in college men’s volleyball coverage. This is the ninth season that Off the Block has presented the Fan Choice National Player of the Year.

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  1. Just a little feedback—we love Off The Block and this whole “Fan’s Choice” poll is so fun, but I’m wondering if there’s another company out there that may be better than Crowd Signal to create the poll. A large majority of our votes did not seem to be counted. We got the message “your vote has already been counted.” My dad in chicago had alarms set for every hour beginning at midnight. He attempted on 3 different devices and over the course of the entire day, only 4 of his votes got the “Thanks for voting” message. I and no less than 25 other friends or family members relayed the same frustration—and these are just the people that contacted us (we had hundreds—that we know of—voting). Anyway—just an FYI! Thanks for all you do—this site is an incredible endeavor and has accomplished so much in growing this game that we all love so much. It’s an impressive volume of work and SO professional and top-notch! Someday there will be a Vinnie Lopes award in the men’s volleyball world given to a player for his selfless love of the game!

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