2019 senior starter production lost (MPSF edition)

Photo by Fabiana Huffaker

Jonathan Bates | Associate Editor

As noted before, this was a historic year for the high-level of production and sheer number of contributing seniors in college men’s volleyball. Since the season is over, Off the Block has crunched the numbers for 41 of the 43 with senior starters this past season, and we will be unveiling the data in a six-post installment.

The percentage of production lost is from starting seniors only. Off the Block included liberos as starters, and some teams will have more than seven starters listed as some teams have two players split time as starters at a given position.

Off the Block is releasing the data by conference, and today we continue with the MPSF. By far, the team worst hit by graduation of senior starters nationally has to be the Pepperdine Waves. The Waves lose five starters from the team that made to the NCAA men’s volleyball national championship semifinals. The Waves lead the nation in terms of lost senior starter production in kills, aces, and blocks.

UCLA is No. 6 in the nation in terms of lost senior production in terms of assists, while USC ranks third nationally in digs.

On the other end of the spectrum, BYU loses the least in senior starter production in terms kills, aces, digs, and blocks. In fact, with the graduation of only one senior starter, libero Taylor Richards, BYU does not lose any starting senior production in kills, aces, and blocks. That is the main reason why BYU is listed the No. 1 team in Off the Block’s Way to Early Top 10 for 2020.


  • 2019Final Record: 23-7 (9-3 MPSF)
  • FinalRanking: 3/3
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in NCAA Tournament Semifinals
  • Graduatingstarters: outside attacker David Wieczorek, outside attacker Kaleb Denmark,opposite Michael Wexter, middle attacker Kevin Vaz, middle attacker MaxChamberlain
  • Returningstarters: setter Michael Mullahey, liberos Noah Dyer/Spencer Wickens
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:95%
    • Blocks:88%
    • Digs:57%
    • Aces:92%
    • Assists:7%


  • 2019Final Record: 19-9, (8-4 MPSF)
  • Final Ranking:7/6
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in MPSF Tournament Semifinals
  • Graduatingstarters: setter/outside attacker Micah Ma’a, outside attacker Dylan Missry
  • Returningstarters: middle attacker Daenen Gyimah, middle attacker Grant Maleski, oppositeBrandon Rattray, outside attacker Austin Matautia, libero Cole Pender
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:26%
    • Blocks:19%
    • Digs:40%
    • Aces:51%
    • Assists:84%


  • 2019Final Record: 18-11 (7-5 MPSF)
  • FinalRanking: 5/5
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in NCAA Tournament Opening Round
  • Graduatingstarters: outside attacker Jack Wyett, outside Gianluca Grasso, oppositeRyan Moss, libero Matt Douglas
  • Returningstarters: setter Chris Hall, middle attacker Sam Lewis, middle attackerKyle Gear
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:78%
    • Blocks:41%
    • Digs:70%
    • Aces:55%
    • Assists:12%


  • 2019Final Record: 15-11 (6-6 MPSF)
  • FinalRanking: 10/-
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in MPSF Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Graduatingstarters: libero Kyle Dagostino, outside attacker Jordan Ewert
  • Returningstarters: setter Paul Bischoff, middle attacker Stephen Moye, middleattacker Kyler Presho, opposite Jaylen Jasper, outside attacker Eric Beatty
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:28%
    • Blocks:9%
    • Digs:43%
    • Aces:17%
    • Assists:11%


  • 2019 Final Record: 13-12 (6-6 MPSF)
  • Final Ranking: 11/-
  • Postseason finish: Lost in MPSF Tournament Semifinals
  • Graduating starters: libero Taylor Richards
  • Returning starters: setter Wil Stanley, opposite Gabi Garcia Fernandez, outside attacker Andrew Lincoln, outside attacker Davide Gardini, middle attacker Felipe de Brito Ferreira, middle attacker Miki Jauhiainen
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):Kills: 0%
    • Blocks: 0%
    • Digs: 9%
    • Aces: 0%
    • Assists: 3%

Grand Canyon

  • 2019 Final Record: 13-16 (3-9 MPSF)
  • Final Ranking:
  • Postseason finish: Lost in MPSF Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Graduating starters: opposite Will Schwob, middle attacker Alex Shmelev
  • Returning starters: middle attacker Ian McLain, outside attacker Christian Janke, outside hitter David Kisiel, setter Tanner Petchul, libero Cole Udall
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):Kills: 28%
    • Blocks: 38%
    • Digs: 16%
    • Aces: 26%
    • Assists: 2%


  • 2019Final Record: 14-19 (3-9 MPSF)
  • FinalRanking: 14/-
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in MPSF Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Graduatingstarters: setter Chandler Gibb, middle attacker Hunter Howell
  • Returningstarters: outside attacker Raymond Barsemian, opposite Luke Krzmarzick, outsideattacker Jordan Hoppe, middle attacker Noah Lassandro, libero Addison Enriques
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:13%
    • Blocks:33%
    • Digs:22%
    • Aces:16%
    • Assists:71%