2019 senior starter production lost (Independent teams edition)

Photo courtesy of Coker athletics.

Jonathan Bates | Associate Editor

As noted before, this was a historic year for the high-level of production and sheer number of contributing seniors in college men’s volleyball. Since the season is over, Off the Block has crunched the numbers for 41 of the 43 with senior starters this past season, and we will be unveiling the data in a six-post installment.

The percentage of production lost is from starting seniors only. Off the Block included liberos as starters, and some teams will have more than seven starters listed as some teams have two players split time as starters at a given position.

Off the Block is releasing the data by conference, and next up are the Independent teams. Coker loses the most starting production from graduating seniors in terms of kills, aces, digs, and blocks. Queens loses the most in terms of assists with the graduation of setter Alexander Schinzing.

Daemen is one of the two teams in Division I/II who do not lose a senior starter (Belmont Abbey).

Lincoln Memorial

  • 2019 Final Record: 18-7
  • Final Ranking:
  • Postseason finish: Won IVA tournament
  • Graduating starters: outside attacker Jordan Walley
  • Returning starters: opposite Evan Cory, setter AJ Risavy, middle attacker Dawson Walker, middle attacker Pedro Carvalho, outside attacker Danny Hermida, outside attacker Logan Kerley, libero Matt Bridenbaugh, libero Andres Delgado
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):
    • Kills: 13%
    • Blocks: 10%
    • Digs:  10%
    • Aces: 14%
    • Assists: 1%


  • 2019 Final Record: 10-19
  • Final Ranking:
  • Postseason finish: Lost in IVA tournament final
  • Graduating starters: Setter Alexander Schinzing
  • Returning starters: outside attacker Josh Bragg, libero Ruben Greenstein, putside attacker Nic Cavallaro, middle attacker Cody Nix, outside attacker Tristan Santoyo, middle attacker JP Payne
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):
    • Kills: 3%
    • Blocks: 13%
    • Digs: 14%
    • Aces: 23%
    • Assists: 82%


  • 2019 Final Record: 6-16
  • Final Ranking: —
  • Postseason finish: Third place in IVA tournament
  • Graduating starters: opposite Joao Victor Santos, outside attacker Gabriel Castro
  • Returning starters: middle attacker Manuel Hernandez, middle attacker Absalon Williams, outside attacker Max Kuntz, setter Brandon Ravelo, libero Seth Miller
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):
    • Kills: 47%
    • Blocks: 27%
    • Digs: 34%
    • Aces: 36%
    • Assists: 4%


  • 2019 Final Record: 6-17
  • Final Ranking:
  • Postseason finish: Fourth place in IVA tournament
  • Graduating starters:
  • Returning starters: libero Ryan Beck, libero Daden Gillette, setter Michael Kreuger, outside attacker Kyle Kon, middle attacker Brandon Casterline, outside attacker Jesse Donorovich, middle attacker Henry Moffitt, opposite Jahari Winkfield
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):
    • Kills: 0%
    • Blocks: 0%
    • Digs: 0%
    • Aces: 0%
    • Assists: 0%

Alderson Broaddus

  • 2019 Final Record: 0-13
  • Final Ranking: —
  • Postseason finish: N/A
  • Graduating starters: Middle attacker Terrell Hightower
  • Returning starters: libero Chase Doyle, outside attacker Cameron Snaden, middle attacker Chase Christiansen, setter Andres Luna
  • Lost production (from starting seniors):
    • Kills: 11%
    • Blocks: 17%
    • Digs: 3%
    • Aces: 3%
    • Assists: 0%