2019 senior starter production lost (Big West edition)

Photo by Fabiana Huffaker

Jonathan Bates | Associate Editor

As noted before, this was a historic year for the high-level of production and sheer number of contributing seniors in college men’s volleyball. Since the season is over, Off the Block has crunched the numbers for 41 of the 43 with senior starters this past season, and we will be unveiling the data in a six-post installment.

The percentage of production lost is from starting seniors only. Off the Block included liberos as starters, and some teams will have more than seven starters listed as some teams have two players split time as starters at a given position.

Off the Block is releasing the data by conference, and today we wrap up our series with the Big West. Defending national champion, Long Beach State, leads the Big West in lost senior starter production in all statistical categories. In fact, they lose the most nationally in terms of assists and digs. They lose the second most in terms of kills, aces, and blocks. The Sharks lose six senior starters, headlined by national player of the year, TJ DeFalco.

On the other end of the spectrum, UC San Diego loses just one senior starter – outside attacker Xander Jiminez. The Tritons lose the least amount of senior starter production in all statistical categories among Big West teams.

Long Beach State

  • 2019Final Record: 28-2 (10-0 Big West)
  • FinalRanking: 1/1
  • Postseasonfinish: Won second consecutive national title
  • Graduatingstarters: outside attacker TJ DeFalco, opposite Kyle Ensing, setter JoshTuaniga, outside attacker Louis Richard, middle attacker Nick Amado, liberoJordan Molina,
  • Returningstarters: outside attacker Ethan Siegfried, middle attacker Simon Anderson
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:81%
    • Blocks:72%
    • Digs:88%
    • Aces:81%
    • Assists:96%


  • 2019Final Record: 28-3 (8-2 Big West)
  • FinalRanking: 2/2
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in NCAA Championship Final
  • Graduatingstarters: setter Joe Worsley, outside attacker Stijn van Tilburg, middleattacker Dalton Solbrig
  • Returningstarters: opposite Rado Parapunov, outside attacker Colton Cowell, liberoGage Worsley
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:40%
    • Blocks:36%
    • Digs:32%
    • Aces:37%
    • Assists:83%

UC Irvine

  • 2019Final Record: 18-11 (5-5 Big West)
  • FinalRanking: 8/8
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in Big West tournament semifinals
  • Graduatingstarters: setter Dante Chakravorti, outside attacker Aaron Koubi, oppositeKarl Apfelbach, libero David Parker
  • Returningstarters: outside attacker Joel Scheidmiller, middle attacker ScottStadick, middle attacker Patrick Sohacki
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:45%
    • Blocks:32%
    • Digs:75%
    • Aces:43%
    • Assists:61%

UC Santa Barbara

  • 2019Final Record: 18-10 (4-6 Big West)
  • FinalRanking: 6/7
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in Big West tournament semifinals
  • Graduatingstarters: outside attacker Corey Chavers, libero Hayden Boehle
  • Returningstarters: outside attacker Ryan Wilcox, middle attacker Keenan Sanders, middleattacker Brandon Hopper, setter Randy DeWeese, opposite Spencer Fredrick
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:29%
    • Blocks:14%
    • Digs:41%
    • Aces:25%
    • Assists:7%


  • 2019Final Record: 13-14 (3-7 Big West)
  • FinalRanking: 12/-
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in Big West tournament quarterfinals
  • Graduatingstarters: libero Emmett Enriques, outside attacker Dimitar Kalchev
    Returning starters: middle attacker DanielWetter, setter Taylor Ittner, middle attacker Paul Rzepniewski, outsideattacker Maciej Ptaszynski, opposite Ksawery Tomsia
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:28%
    • Blocks:19%
    • Digs:37%
    • Aces:30%
    • Assists:7%

UC San Diego

  • 2019Final Record: 7-20 (0-10 Big West)
  • FinalRanking:
  • Postseasonfinish: Lost in Big West tournament quarterfinals
  • Graduatingstarters: outside attacker Xander Jimenez
  • Returningstarters: opposite Collin Shannon, middle attacker Gabe Avillion, outsideattacker Wyatt Harrison,  middle attackerLogan Clark, setter Connor Walbrecht, libero Ryan Lew
  • Lostproduction (from starting seniors):Kills:14%
    • Blocks:7%
    • Digs:17%
    • Aces:15%
    • Assists:3%