Molten Volleyball In Stands contest unveiled for Grow the Game Challenge

Fans can forget about having to throw back a volleyball that lands in the stands.

The Grow the Game Challenge announced that Molten Volleyball In the Stands Challenge will take place during the third game of every match at the Off the Block Grow the Game Challenge this weekend in Lebanon, Tennessee.

For this Molten contest, the first ball that goes into the stands during the third game will be considered a live foul ball. The fan who catches the volleyball will get to keep it and take it home with them.

Typically when a ball goes into the stands at a volleyball match the fan who catches it has to throw it back to a game official.

Molten is official volleyball supplier for the Grow the Game Challenge and the NCAA Tournament. All matches at the Grow the Game Challenge will be played with the NCAA Flistatec model volleyball.

The Grow the Game Challenge is a 10-team non-conference tournament that features NCAA Division I-II, NCAA Division III and NAIA teams from around the country. This is the largest non-conference event in the nation this season with 13 matches being played Friday through Sunday at the Dallas Floyd Phoenix Arena on the campus of Cumberland University.

Tickets for all tournament matches can now be purchase online at $8 for a day pass and $20 for a tournament pass.