The Map: Hometowns of every current U.S. college men’s volleyball player

The development of NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball caliber players has spread throughout the majority of states in the nation.

While the traditional powerhouse of California and Illinois continue to be the biggest recruiting hotbeds, players from 35 states will be on NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball rosters during the upcoming season.

Off the Block conducted a recent analysis examining the hometowns for every player on an active roster of a NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball team. In addition, Off the Block will unveil on Wednesday the best current player from each state.


Check out hometowns for all U.S. players in college men’s volleyball and what areas produces the most college players by using the interactive map below.

Click on each volleyball icons to view the current college men’s volleyball players from that U.S. city. To get a more in-depth view of area use the zoom function located on the bottom left corner of the map.

More than 700 players will compete in NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball during the upcoming season that begins in January. There are 42 NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball programs throughout the United States with two more Division II schools adding the sport for the 2019 season.

[Editor’s note: A player’s hometown used for this analysis is the hometown listed on their school’s athletics department website.]