Candidates to consider for new MIVA Hall of Fame

More than 50 years as a conference can create quite a pool of worthy candidates for a new Hall of Fame.

The MIVA recently announced that it established the MIVA Hall of Fame with the inaugural class scheduled to be inducted later this year. Below is a list of all the players, coaches and contributors who have a case for Hall of Fame consideration based on their multiple First-Team All-MIVA selections, MIVA Player of the Year honors or additional outstanding performances.

Fans can submit their MIVA Hall of Fame nominations online at the conference’s website before the Tuesday deadline. To fill out the online nomination form for a player, coach or contributor, click here.

Arnie Ball, Fort Wayne
Doug Beal, Ohio State
Jim Coleman, Wittenburg
Shane Davis, Loyola
Ken Dunlap, Ohio State
Dan Friend, Lewis
Pete Hanson, Ohio State
Mick Haley, Kellogg and Southern Illinois
Don Shondell, Ball State
Joel Walton, Ball State
Marvin Veronee, George Williams

Chris Beerman, Ball State
Tom Beerman, Ball State
Jerry Buckley, Ball State
Steve Bushong, Ball State
Dale Carney, Ball State
Chris Cooper, Ball State
Matt Denmark, Ball State
Chris Dowler, Ball State
Ralph Evans, Ball State
Paul Fasshauer, Ball State
Eduardo Ferrarz, Ball State
Bill Fristsch, Ball State
Kevin Furnish, Ball State
Bob Halbedel, Ball State
Mick Haley, Ball State
Pete Hanson, Ball State and Kellogg
Brian Hyde, Ball State
Bill Johnson, Ball State
Lee Killiam, Ball State
Randy Litchfield, Ball State
Wes Lyon, Ball State
Barry Long, Ball State
Nick Meyer, Ball State
Jerre McManama, Ball State
Darrell Morken, Ball State
Tony Musica, Ball State
Scott Nelson, Ball State
Rick Niemi, Ball State
Mark Ozzello, Ball State
Ian Peckler, Ball State
Todd Reimer, Ball State
Greg Romano, Ball State
David Schakel, Ball State
Keith Schunzel, Ball State
Dave Shondell, Ball State
Steve Shondell, Ball State
John Shondell, Ball State
Jim Stone, Ball State
Keith Thornburgh, Ball State
John Waite, Ball State
Pete Waite, Ball State
Mel Young, Ball State

Bob Stein, Earlham
David Snyder, Earlham


Norman Almodovar, Fort Wayne
Lloy Ball, Fort Wayne
Loren Gebert, Fort Wayne
Jay Golsteyn, Fort Wayne
Troy Luhning, Fort Wayne
C.J. Macias, Fort Wayne
Fred Malcolm, Fort Wayne
Raul Papaleo, Fort Wayne
Quentin Spiegel, Fort Wayne
Hector Soto, Fort Wayne
Jeff Ptak, Fort Wayne
Matt Zbyszewski, Fort Wayne

Jerry Angle, George Williams
Art Brown, George Williams
Fred Giltrow, George Williams
Rick Erdenberger, George Williams
Ken Mattison, George Williams
Marv Zimmeron, George Williams
Armando Zabala, George Williams

Ben Ponnet, Grand Canyon

Steve Henson, Indiana Tech
Rick Wells, Indiana Tech
Bob Christ, Indiana Tech

Dan Whitfield, Kellogg

Fabiano Barreto, Lewis
BJ Boldog, Lewis
Jared Dayton, Lewis
Mike Iandolo, Lewis
Drew Pickering, Lewis
Geoff Powell, Lewis
Jay Petty, Lewis
Victor Rivera, Lewis
Ryan Stuntz, Lewis
Bobby Walsh, Lewis

Kris Berzins, Loyola
Mike Bunting, Loyola
Cody Caldwell, Loyola
Scott Green, Loyola
James Grunst, Loyola
Brian Guntli, Loyola
Peter Hutz, Loyola
Thomas Jaeschke, Loyola
Joe Smalzer, Loyola

Angel Aja, Ohio State
John Albetson, Ohio State
Jose Bengoa, Ohio State
Aldis Berzins, Ohio State
Don Brown, Ohio State
Tom Brun, Ohio State
Mike Buckingham, Ohio State
Shelton Collier, Ohio State
Scott Cooper, Ohio State and Kellogg
Layne Dreven, Ohio State
Andy Dumpis, Ohio State
Chris Fash, Ohio State
Mark Edinger, Ohio State
Rene Esteves, Ohio State
Edwin Fernandez, Ohio State
Craig Foster, Ohio State
Tony Gaines, Ohio State
Karl Grinvalds, Ohio State
Jeff Hurst, Ohio State
Dave Jandasek, Ohio State
Steven Kehoe, Ohio State
Jim Ketter, Ohio State
John Klanac, Ohio State
Robbie Klein, Ohio State
Richard Leuders, Ohio State
John Loftus, Ohio State
Daniel Mathews, Ohio State
Colin McMilan, Ohio State
Mike Noonan, Ohio State
Bruce Nowicki, Ohio State
Peter Olree, Ohio State
Steve Potter, Ohio State
Shawn Sangrey, Ohio State
Brian Sherman, Ohio State
Craig Sherman, Ohio State and Kellogg
Adam Spitznagle, Ohio State
Marc Waldie, Ohio State

Rob Steinkuehler, Quincy

D.C. Koehl, Ohio State (sports information director)
Robert McCall, Ball State (administrator)
Blake Sebring, The News-Sentinel (reporter)