Audio: Committee chairman discusses NCAA Tourney seeding, at-large bids

Check out Off the Block’s interview with selection committee chairman Ron Shayka as he discusses the NCAA Tournament field, the seeding process and how Long Beach State earned the final at-large bid.


2 Replies to “Audio: Committee chairman discusses NCAA Tourney seeding, at-large bids”

  1. Plenty of doublespeak in that explanation Ron. Please be more honest and just admit when it’s close 3 people decide who they think should be offered a bid and then reference whatever part of the so called objective criteria they need to support their choice. RPI, strength of schedule, record vs. others qualified all go out the window when they add up to a choice you don’t want to make. Suddenly extra non-conference wins against weaker record padding opponents is important. Two weeks ago the cost of extra travel was considered a problem. Now extra travel and more time away from class to beat up on some weaker opponents is a plus.

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