Top 20 not so bold predictions for 2016 season

There are just some things that likely will definitely perhaps happen in the upcoming college men’s volleyball season.

Off the Block special contributor Jonathan Bates provides the top 20 not so bold predictions for the 2016 season.

1. Players will still “wipe up sweat” with towels in lieu of a timeout.

2. Four unanswered points will still result in an opponent timeout 90 percent of the time.

3. “Animals” and “Let’s Go” will still be played as bump music before matches.

4. The MPSF will at least get one at large team in the NCAA Tournament.

5. There will be at least one current head or assistant coach who doesn’t return to in 2017.


6. Fans and media alike will continue to wonder why the NCAA doesn’t have replay like the FIVB does.

7. There will be still moments where this happens: opponent point, timeout, opponent point, final timeout.

8. Those at the bottom of the AVCA national coaches poll and those just outside the top 15 but receiving votes will be a revolving door.

9. Rob Espero will continue to be one of the best men’s volleyball public address announcer.

10. Jarom Jordan and BYU TV will continue to have the best television production in men’s volleyball.

11. Fans will continue to ponder how we can take the men’s volleyball NCAA finals away from ESPN.

12. Tiff Wells will have the top radio men’s volleyball radio broadcasts in terms of listenership.

13. I will have to unload video files off my iPhone at least once during the season.

14. Fans will get upset with me stopping my live-tweets to capture video content at end of sets.

15. Vinnie Lopes will drink more coffee than the average person.

16. Either UCLA or Penn State will have their student newspapers nominated for best men’s volleyball coverage.

17. Kevin Barnett will still call most of the men’s volleyball matches on Pac-12 Networks.

18. UCLA will continue to pad their attendance count, and Daily Bruin reporter Tanner Walters and I will still be able to count the attendance by hand to prove them wrong.

19. I will be in the top 10 most matches watched in person.

20. Off the Block will still be one of top sources for men’s volleyball news and analysis.