Breaking down 2015 college men’s volleyball coaching carousel

It’s been the most turbulent off-seasons for coaching moves in the recent history of college men’s volleyball.

More than 10 head coaching changes have occurred during the last eight months. In contrast, previous college men’s volleyball off-seasons have not experienced multiple head coaching openings.

Check out this breakdown of all the teams that made off-season coaching changes entering the 2016 season.

Alderson Broaddus
In: Michael Fink (former Towson women’s volleyball assistant coach)
Out: Greg Walker (resigned, now Sacred Heart head coach)

Belmont Abbey
In: Sean Manzi (former Guelph assistant coach)
Out: Mary DeJute


In: Shawn Olmstead (former BYU women’s volleyball head coach)
Out: Chris McGown (resigned)

Cal Baptist
In: Derek Schmitt (former Cal Baptist assistant coach)
Out: Wes Schneider (resigned)

In: Chad Nelson (former Emmanuel assistant coach)
Out: Jason Farr

George Mason
In: Jay Hosack (former Penn State assistant coach)
Out: Fred Chao (resigned, now Virginia Tech women’s volleyball assistant coach)

Grand Canyon
In: Matt Werle (former Grand Canyon assistant coach)
Out: Jeremy Price (contract not renewed)

In: Rock Perrotte (former IPFW assistant coach)
Out: Arnie Ball (retired)

In: Henry Chuang (former Vassar assistant coach)
Out: Dave Schmidlin

In: Mark Hulse (former Loyola assistant coach)
Out: Shane Davis (resigned, now Northwestern women’s volleyball head coach)

Sacred Heart
In: Greg Walker (former Alderson Broaddus head coach)
Out: Kalani Efstathiou (resigned)

In: Jeff Nygaard (former USC assistant coach)
Out: Bill Ferguson (contract not renewed)

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  1. The assumption is that money draws coaches from one team to another. That may be the case in most situations, but having to unroot your family can’t be an easy decision. In coach Davis’ case the move from Loyola to Northwestern comes with the added plus of not having to move. The campuses are minutes away from each other, but the bump in pay must have been significant. Just curious, what’s the going rate for a good volleyball coach these days?

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