The Volleyball Debate now available as ebook

The book examining the five-year struggle for the Ball State men’s volleyball team to become a varsity sport is now available once again to read as an ebook.

Cover The Volleyball Debate

“The Volleyball Debate” written by Off the Block editor Vinnie Lopes looks at the controversial start of the Ball State team in the 1960s. The book focuses on how Hall of Fame coach Don Shondell and his players overcame opposition from school officials to become one of the nation’s first varsity college volleyball teams.

The possibility of volleyball becoming a varsity sport remains one of the most intense debates in the history of Ball State athletics. In addition, the affects of this decision had a significant influence on the growth of college volleyball throughout the Midwest which are still being felt today.


“The Volleyball Debate” includes original research and dozens of interviews with former players and school officials to tell the narrative of this five-year conflict in the 1960s.

“The Volleyball Debate” was initially released in the summer of 2013 as an ebook. However, for almost the two years it has only been available in a traditional paperback copy.

The ebook version of “The Volleyball Debate” costs $6.95, while the paperback costs $15.95 plus shipping and handling. Part of the proceeds from all book sales will go to the Ball State men’s volleyball team.

To order an ebook version of “The Volleyball Debate,” click here.