USA Volleyball sets record for grants awarded to new teams

It was a record setting year for USA Volleyball in its efforts to grow the sport throughout the nation.

USA Volleyball recently announced it awarded a single-year record 37 grants in 2014 to help schools and organizations start volleyball teams, including numerous boys’ volleyball programs.

The national volleyball governing body annually offers four types grant programs — the Molten Diversity Grant, the Grassroots Outreach Grant, the Starkidz and the Boys’ and Men’s Programing Grant. Each grant was created with goal of providing some financial assistance for new or emerging volleyball programs.


“Growing boys and men’s volleyball in all ways possible, including grants through our USA Volleyball regions, is an important part of our diversity and inclusion programming,” John Kessel, USA Volleyball director of sport development, said.

Among the schools that received grants last year included Colorado Springs Christian Schools and the Vanguard School. Both Colorado high schools earned $500 grants to help reduce the costs associated with adding boys’ volleyball programs.

Applications are currently being accepted for 2015 USA Volleyball grants, including grants available for colleges and high schools wanting to start men’s volleyball programs.

To find out more about the various types of USA Volleyball granted offered in 2015, click here.