Off the Block to begin annual Announcement Week on Monday

New initiatives for the upcoming college men’s volleyball season are coming to Off the Block in an effort to help further grow the sport.

The nationally acclaimed college men’s volleyball website next week will unveil a series of initiatives as part of the annual Off the Block Announcement Week.

Announcement Week is a week-long event during the fall when Off the Block informs the public of new events and coverage features it will have for the upcoming college men’s volleyball season.


Off the Block each off-season consults with members of the college volleyball community in an attempt to determine new ways to help grow college men’s volleyball while enhancing the Off the Block brand. Announcement Week will serve as the way to inform Off the Block’s readers and college men’s volleyball fans of the website’s plans for the upcoming season.

Announcement Week will begin Monday, Nov. 3 and will conclude Saturday, Nov. 8. Off the Block during Announcement Week will announce on its website a new initiative each day.

This is the second consecutive year Off the Block has held its Announcement Week. Among the new initiatives Off the Block unveiled last year during Announcement Week included establishing new national awards such as the Lloy Ball Award and the only Freshmen All-American Team for college men’s volleyball.

Off the Block is a website that launched in January 2011 and has become among the nation’s media leaders for college men’s volleyball news and analysis.