Most college volleyball teams rank above NCAA national academic average

A majority of college men’s volleyball teams finished above the national average in the latest NCAA academic performance based rankings.

Fourteen of the 22 NCAA Division I men’s volleyball teams scored above the national average of 976 in the annual Academic Progress Rate report that the NCAA released earlier this week.


The APR is on a 1,000-point scale and measures a team’s academic performance during a four-year period based on retention and eligibility of scholarship student-athletes. In addition, teams scoring less than a 930 have the potential to receive sanctions ranging from a reduction in practice time to a postseason ban.

This is the third consecutive year that no college men’s volleyball team received sanctions for a sub-par APR score.

Along with a majority of teams finishing above the national average, Cal State Nothridge, Loyola, Sacred Heart and Stanford each finished with a perfect 1,000 APR score. It is also the ninth straight year that at least three men’s volleyball teams finished with a perfect APR rating.

Princeton had the biggest APR increase of any team from the previous year as it improved 21 points to a 973 score. In addition, Ball State experienced a nine-point APR increase to move to a 991 score and into the top five among all college men’s volleyball teams.

NCAA Division I men’s volleyball teams APR scores
T-1. Cal State Northridge — 1,000
T-1. Loyola — 1,000
T-1. Sacred Heart 1,000
T-1. Stanford — 1,000
T-5. Long Beach State — 991
T-5. Harvard — 991
T-5. Ball State — 991
8. USC — 987
9. UCLA — 986
10. Ohio State — 983
11. IPFW — 982
T-12. Pacific — 981
T-12. Pepperdine — 981
14. St. Francis — 980
15. Princeton — 973
T-16. UC Santa Barbara — 972
T-16. UC Irvine — 972
18. Penn State — 969
19. NJIT — 968
20. George Mason — 959
21. BYU — 958
22. Hawai’i — 956