NCAA eases recruiting communication restrictions for volleyball coaches

College men’s volleyball coaches are on the verge of having fewer NCAA recruiting restrictions and a longer time-frame to communicate with potential high school recruits.

The NCAA Division I Legislative Council voted Wednesday to approve legislation that would move up the start date for recruiting communication to the fall semester of a high school recruit’s junior year.


Men’s volleyball coaches under the previous NCAA bylaws were not allowed to initiate any form of recruiting communication such as telephone calls until July 1 of a high school recruit’s senior season. This new policy jumps the start date ahead by 10 months to Sept. 1 and allows for more communication between college coaches and recruits during a player’s junior year in high school.

Along with this change, the approved proposal eases several current restrictions on the frequency and forms of permissible communication between coaches and recruits, including text messaging.

The off-campus recruiting dates, though, will be remain unchanged for men’s volleyball. Coaches can’t have off-campus recruiting contact with a recruit before the summer when a player is going into his senior year.

The new NCAA legislation passed not only applies to Division I men’s volleyball teams but the majority of NCAA Division I sports. Among the sports this new rule does not apply to includes football, basketball and men’s ice hockey.

Despite the legislative council passing these recruiting reforms, the proposal will not be considered finalized until the conclusion of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors meeting on Saturday.