Pacific players create online video to protest school possibly cutting team

Pacific men’s volleyball players have taken the fight to save their team from being cut by the university to whole new production level.

Members of the embattled team released an online video Monday that showcased the players’ desire and campus-wide support for Pacific to spare the program following a recommendation from the athletics department to eliminate the sport for financial reasons.


The two-minute video posted on features every Tigers’ player introducing himself and expressing their desire to continue playing NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball at the school. In addition, the video includes a variety of students expressing their sport for men’s volleyball ranging from the Pacific women’s volleyball team to members of Pacific’s Greek system.

Pacific athletics director Ted Leland last month opted to recommend the sport be eliminated in an effort to cut 5 percent from the athletics department budget and help finance the university’s new strategic initiative.

The proposal since its introduction was amended with a provision allowing the team to remain at the university following the 2014 season if it can privately fund itself. In addition, the recommendation last week was approved by the school’s PAC+ committee and will now go to the university president for final approval later this month.

Check out Pacific’s online video below as the team tries to continue to rally support for the program.

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  1. At this point it is up to the President Eibeck to decide the fate of the Pacific Men’s Volleyball Team. The PAC+ Committee concurred with elimination effective June 30, 2014, but stated, “ The council does not endorse the option to identify external resources to bring Pacific’s support for direct costs to zero as this will weaken the sport in the long run and only defer its inevitable elimination.” The ball is in President Eibeck’s court.

    This video is a powerful message that truly demonstrates the kind of energy and campus spirit Pacific should want to keep, not eliminate. This positive energy and support can be a springboard for The University of the Pacific both on and beyond the gates of campus. Thank you for sharing the Pacific Men’s Volleyball message with your audience.

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