Off the Block to launch site’s inaugural Announcement Week on Monday

Big innovations and changes are in-store for Off the Block and the college volleyball community.

The national award winning college men’s volleyball website next week will unveil a series of new initiatives and changes during the inaugural Off the Block Announcement Week.


Announcement Week is a new weeklong event when Off the Block will inform the public of new coverage features it will provide for the upcoming college men’s volleyball season to help further grow the sport. Among the new initiatives and changes to be introduced by Off the Block during Announcement Week includes unveiling of at least one new national award for the upcoming season.

Off the Block throughout the off-season consults with fellow media outlets and members of the college volleyball community on ways to help grow college men’s volleyball while enhancing the Off the Block brand. Announcement Week will serve as a way to inform Off the Block’s readers and college men’s volleyball fans of the website’s plans before the start of the upcoming season.

Announcement Week will begin Monday, Oct. 21 and concludes Friday, Oct. 25 with Off the Block announcing on its website a new initiative each day during the week.

Off the Block is a website that launched in January 2011 and has become among the nation’s leading media outlets for college men’s volleyball news and analysis.

Within the website’s first three years, Off the Block has been responsible for breaking several big college men’s volleyball stories ranging from NCAA Tournament expansion to conference realignment. In addition, Off the Block in previous years has introduced multiple new innovations including organizing new college men’s volleyball awards such as the National Blocker of the Year and Preseason All-American Teams.